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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Are couples welcome?
The ladies love couples. We encourage them to visit and have a wonderful time.
2. Are single women welcome?
We also love for single women to come out and enjoy our facilities.
3. Why aren't there prices on the menu?
We are prohibited by Nevada state statutes from discussing prices anywhere but in a private room in the brothel. The ladies are independent contractors so the pricing varies by lady, this way we can accommodate all budgets.
4. Do I need a reservation or an appointment?
We are open 24/7 365 so unless there is a special lady you like to visit there is no need for reservations.
5. Why are there no prices for staying at your resort?
We do not charge for the resort, the ladies rent space from us. As you get to know them you will get to enjoy the amenities of the resort.
6. How come my emails to the ladies haven't been answered?
The ladies do not all use the Internet and are not always in house so sometimes the emails go unanswered or are late being answered. Please feel free to send any questions to Jennifer@worldfamousbrothel.com
7. Do I have to pick from a line up?
Lineups are not mandatory. We encourage you to take their time and get acquainted with all the different wonderful ladies of the house.
8. How far are you from Las Vegas?
The World Famous Mustang Ranch is located in northern Nevada 15 minutes from Downtown Reno. Reno is located approximately 430 miles or 8 and half hours away from Las Vegas.
9. Do you provide Limo service?
We support our local cab drivers and encourage our guests to just grab a cab and scoot on out. It is much faster or rent a car. Yes we do provide limo service to pre-booked parties.
10. Do you have VIP service? Who qualifies for the Service?
We have a special VIP entrance for guests who do not want to be seen by general population, but we treat all visitors like VIPs. There is no criteria for using the VIP entrance just call us and let us know you are coming in.
11. Do you take Credit Cards?
We Accept all major credit cards. We also have an ATM on the premise.
12. What is the longest stay I can have in your resort?
We have wonderful suites for a visitor who would like an extended stay with a beautiful lady. The only prerequisite is that they have a lady accompany them during their entire stay.
13. Can I send the ladies gifts?
The ladies love gifts. You can buy them gift certificates at the cashier's cage for use with our masseuse or to get pampered with a facial or get a soothing pedicure and manicure. Then of course they can receive flowers or other gifts. Send them to our address (1011 Wild Horse Canyon Drive Sparks, Nevada 89434) in care of the lady.
14. Can I take the lady or ladies of my choice into town?
We have an escort license. The ladies can accompany you for dinner, dancing, or gambling.
15. Is there a range of pricing so I can gauge what I need to bring with me?
Remember the more you spend the more you can play, but we accommodate all budgets. So just come on out and have a good time.
We hope this FAQ helps answer some of your questions.

If you have any additional questions please visit our community forum where you will find lots of very helpful information.