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Bailey was amazing! Fun, energetic, and so damn hot. It was great getting to know her both personally and physically. I had such a great experience, and she totally turned me on as soon as we met. Bailey, look forward to seeing you again soon. Steve 2017-11-03

It was fun partying with you last night; I hope you were able to get some rest ;) Nate Dogg (the rapper) 2017-07-28

Had an amazing party with Bailey she is the girl that you wish lived next door. She also has a naughty side that makes for an awesome time. lumberjack0306 2017-02-27

Bailey is about the sweetest, smartest, hottest, and most talented little thing I have ever encountered. She and the girls at the Mustang made for a memory that will last a lifetime. Thanks! Jimmy 2017-02-22

I'm crazy in Love with you. I will call January 14 or 15 to confirm. I miss you. I'm bringing flowers and a gift. Ken E 2017-01-17

Beautiful inside and out. Genuine, fun, energetic, and very giving - Bailey takes the time to understand what you like and how to make your time together memorable. Will definitely be back. Happy patron 2016-12-02

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Bailey. Being very inexperienced there were a lot of nervous feelings running through my mind and body. She couldn't have been sweeter and more understanding. She put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed my time with her and highly recommend her. She is very beautiful, and her body is so soft to the touch. What a woman! I look forward to seeing her again. Markus 2016-11-27

This girl takes care of you, she is witty, sexy and brings it all home in bed. Couldn't ask for a better time, will go back out to see her again. Don't miss out on this beauty. dont kiss and tell 2016-11-02

Bailey Rose is extremely beautiful and has an absolutely PERFECT natural, fit body. She is just as sweet as she is beautiful. I met her on a Wednesday night after traveling all day and partied with her the following day. The party was awesome ! Not a single thing that I would change about our time together except I wish it were longer. easy 2016-10-27

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