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Review - OMG!!  I just about lost my load when I heard that incredibly wonderful sexy Russian accent. Max is a very beautiful young lady!  She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Just look into those eyes, and you will see that she has a heavenly bound soul. She is a very attentive lover and will wait on you hand and foot...I didn't want for anything. Drinks (both alcohol and water), snacks, food...she is an incredible hostess and entertainer. I will definitely be coming back to see my Max again!!!
Mishka 2018-07-01
Review - I've been to the Mustang Ranch many times, this time around my party was with Max, best one in a long time, we started out in the hot tub, then went to her room to finish the party, she has a great personality, very passionate and affectionate, loves to touch and be touched, every minute with her was awesome! I will party with her again.
Sal 2018-01-08

Review - I walked out of the shower into her room. I looked into the mirror and noticed My white ass appeared blue. "Nice mood lighting Miss Kitty." "They ran out of red bulbs, so I got blue." Our conversation quickly turned to horses, country music, and a fantasy of her being a nurse and rubbing me down with alcohol. If this seems bizarre, it really was! Either way, my time with Max is always memorable, fun, and a passionate workout that leaves me happy, but wanting more of her. When you put your head down on your pillow each night, who is the last person you think of before you fall asleep? I know who it is for me. Thank you, baby! Love your fine ass until the end of time.
Frisco 2017-12-18

Review - Every time I see you naked, I want you more and more. I love the way you talk to me, the way you look at me, the way you kiss me and that ass of yours drives me absolutely crazy. You do amazing things in a bedroom. Thank you for being the BEST GFE. I will see you soon beautiful girl.
Brayden 2017-11-30

Review - Max is the most genuine most beautiful soul I know I love her so much.
Colton 2017-11-27

Review - A little bit country, a little bit of rock and roll, what about love songs? As soon as we decided on the music, our souls locked as our bodies fit perfectly together moving with the rhythm of the music. This is the kind of nighttime passion that you get lost in, her eyes read me like a book, she knew exactly how to make me smile. Then she grabbed my nipples and tuned them like a radio until I made the sounds she wanted. Another memory has been made, as we lay next to each other, hearts beating as one. Once you have experienced this heavenly creation of a woman, you will only want more! Thanks, baby, you are incredible in every way!
Frisco 2017-11-19

Review - I have had three parties with Max, and they just keep getting better. She is very skillful and accommodating. I had a wonderful time and plan to see her again!
Gus 2017-10-05

Review - Hey. So there's this girl. She is beautiful, sweet, funny, amazing, unique, and she's reading this right now. ;) I love that feeling I get when I see your smile. I think I've finally found someone who will truly make me happy I can be. :) Your AMAZING baby girl!
xoxo Brian 2017-08-27

Review - She dug her claws into his chest, as her eyes rolled back in her head...his slow tease had worked its magic. Laying there, totally spent from the laughter and the ecstasy they had bestowed upon one another. His hands traced every inch of her body. Talking about nothing, Talking about yesterday, talking about the dreams that tomorrow may hold, for that brief moment in time the shadows in his memory were gone. One thing is for sure, they both found a new use for "Neosporin". Thanks for another fun-filled and amazing are the best! And yes, that smile on my face has a lot to do with you.
Frisco 2017-08-25

Review - Dinner with you is always fun. I think I will get a pair of boots made with my choice of exotic skin!!! Before I knew it, we were slow dancing at the edge of your bed, bodies tangled up in deep passion, the kind of passion that only We can make. A few love bites in all the right places is just what you needed. Max, your sexy eyes make me melt, the touch of your skin next to mine is soothing, and yes I know it's hard to concentrate when I smile at you....but boom, boom, boom, back to business. Then I smelled Lysol, lol. Thanks for another amazing Max a Million time. I will return!
Frisco 2017-07-14

Review - If you have ever been closely held by Max, you know what I am talking about. Every sexy curve of her body and yours, intertwined, moving as one, feeling each breathe, sharing a heartbeat.... There is only "one" Max! Other than mind-blowing sex, It's the little things I you wanting to wrap me in cellophane and tie a bow around me. That one made me smile....that special smile that only you get to see. You are an incredibly smart, hot, sexy, caring, and talented goddess of a woman. Thank you for what you do, and for giving me lifelong memories of our time together.
Frisco 2017-07-13

Review - Max is magic! No matter what curve balls that life can throw, I can walk through the door, and you can make me smile, laugh and put me in my place. You have an amazing mind, body, and soul, and I feel lucky for every minute I have spent with you. I really like it when we made faces like pirates when I was on top of you, and you had control of my mast, arrgghh! Now that vision would make a good Christmas Card! Close your eyes baby, and feel me walk up behind you, and hold you like only I can...You are my amazingly talented snuggle bunny! Thanks for more wonderful memories that keep me smiling.
Frisco 2017-06-15

Review - Stopped by the ranch one night after work and already had an appt. with Max. Love the accent and great conversation. Absolutely amazing to be around and had a great party. Body was gorgeous, excellent all around. Will definitely be back again very soon.
C.K. 2017-05-07

Review - Thank you, Max, for an undeniably incredible time. I have always wanted to be with a Russian girl, and you fulfilled my dream. Your accent has me totally hooked. I believe that Russian and East European women see sex differently than American women. You are much more romantic and mysterious. Again thank you for the time of my life. I will be coming back soon because MaxAMillion is one in a million! To the Guys: All I can say is MINDBLOWN!
Christopher 2017-05-07

Review - Stopped by in the morning to find Max sitting all alone. It wasn't long before we were quickly undressing each other. Within minutes we were going at it while "Purple Rain" played in the background...lost in each other's a machine, I steadily pleasured this hot, sexy, woman...her legs locked around mine so I couldn't escape. Afterward, we held each other as the morning sun coming through the window highlighted her body. This is the stuff dreams are made of...and this morning will be in my mind for a long time. Thanks again Babe, you are the greatest!
Frisco 2017-05-03

Review - Walked in on a Sunday night to find you. We wasted no time, straight to your room to be entwined in each other's arms. Deep passion, the kind that only you know how to give. Having your legs locked around me, letting me know that I could not escape from you...pure unadulterated ecstasy! For the fun stuff, the time spent in the jacuzzi comparing what parts of peoples bodies that float was a great time. No words can really describe how you make me feel! You are the greatest, thank you for what you do!
Frisco 2017-04-30

Review - I just can't stay away. The soft touch of your skin next to mine, the seductive look in your eyes, as the passion grows, the smile appears on my face. It is the same smile I have when I drive to work each day, thinking of our time have made me happy, you are the balance in my life. You are the perfect Russian mistress that has the body of a goddess; I am glad we met. Thank you, babe!
Frisco 2017-04-26

Review - I have been missing a woman's touch for a while now. My friend told me about Max, so I headed over to the Ranch. I was excited but also feeling nervous. When I saw her at the bar, I was floored. She smiled at me, and I swear that lit up the whole room. We headed back, and she started out nice and slow. She had some moves with her hands and mouth that I never experienced before. She is quite the professional! Beyond the sexual time we had together, she was a great conversation, and I really enjoyed my time with her. I don't know if I will be ready to be with other women yet but being with Max gave me the confidence to get back out there and start dating again. Thank you for giving me a second go on life! I will see you again ;)
Stranger 2017-04-14

Review - Thank you for giving me one of the greatest, most memorable days of my life. I know what I want, you know what I need, and we pounded away like two bunnies, stopping long enough just to hold you and to feel your heart throb. You are perfection; you are my desire, you enter my dreams at night to play our wicked games. I will return, so your sexy eyes can look into mine!
Frisco 2017-04-03

Review - The amazing and talented Max brought out the inner beast in both of us for a fun-filled, exotic, and passionate third party, which rocked me to the core. Any amount of time I have spent with you leaves me feeling like a king, and ready to conquer the world. I close my eyes and can see your perfect body held against mine, feel your touch, smell your perfume, taste your lips, melt in your arms when your smile and that sexy look in your eyes brings me to my knees. This is the fuel that keeps me going when I need it the most. You are Hotness to the core!
Frisco 2017-03-28

Review - I've seen different women here and there Max pictures caught my eye, and I was ready for a new adventure. Would she be as hot in person? Let me tell you, yes she is! This woman is sexy as hell. She took me around the world with her accent as she whispered sexy things into my ear while we were pleasuring each other. She is fresh air from what I'm used to, and I don't want to go back. I got lost in her voice, eyes, and legs. Gentlemen, call this Russian Tigress and be prepared to be amazed. I can't wait to go back! I am amazed by you!
Your Pretty Boy 2017-02-16

Review - I couldn't stay away. I had to return for my second GFE with this sexy woman. I feel I am the lucky one, who has had a chance to pleasure this caring, fun, and incredibly hot woman. And to be pleasure by her is something I will never forget, as it left a smile on my face as I write this review. If you want a woman with eyes that you can get lost in, Max is for you. She made me feel as if we were the last two people on earth. Max is the things that dreams are made of. I will be back for more parties with her. See you in my dreams!
Frisco 2017-02-12

Review - Max is exciting, caring, easy to talk with, sensuous, and 110% hotness! Her body is the perfect woman I have dreamed of being with for years. All of my expectations were met, in fact, I am sure she will be the object of my dreams for years to come. She is something special, the more you give, the more you will receive. Take time to get to know her, get lost in her eyes, and do not pass up a GFE party with her. She rocked my world! I will be back for more.
Frisco 2017-02-09

Review - I miss you
Travis Howe 2017-02-04

Review - No words can describe how wonderful you are Max. I start missing you, the moment I step out of the Mustang Range. The pleasure I'm having spending time with you and the service you are providing is unbelievable and out of this world. Simply magnificent. I want to steal you to be my own. You are too incredible to share with anyone. Thanks to nature for such a wonderful creature as you are. You are smart, funny, sexy and did I mention Gorgeous??!! I strongly believe that everybody must cherish and be grateful for any moment spent with you. You are the perfect example of "From Russia with love!" If only more of them were like you! Thank you, my Russian Doll. Your, Beast.
Russian Beast 2016-12-31

Review - I fell in love with you the moment our eyes met. Thank you for wonderful service. You are smart, sexy and super friendly. I enjoyed every second with you. Can't wait to see you again.
Russian Beast 2016-10-17

Review - Thank you for a wonderful time. I never can get enough of you. You have the sexiest voice. I can't stop listening to your dirty talk into my ear. I love the way you are wrapping your legs around me. Can't wait to see you again. You are the best!!
Russian Best 2016-08-04


Review - What a time with Max spent half the night together talking, and fun in the bath touching each other then to the bed she can ride a horse if you know what I mean. I got rock hard and put up wet. One of the best times of my life thanks, Max.
Jon 2018-03-20
Review - I had the best time with you Max that I think I've ever had! She was attentive, entertaining and knowledgeable in a bedroom. Beauty and full of personality plus. She is a huge asset to your brothel, Great Girl!! I will definitely be back soon!
Aaron 2018-01-25

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