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Review - Thank you so much, Serena! I had a Great time yesterday, and your hair makes you look really Hot!
T 2019-01-31
Review - I had a great party with Serena the other night. Thank you so much love. You really made my night. I'll be back soon to give you some more of my love.
Rodger 2018-09-02
Review - Serena is so lovable and nice. She really put me at ease as soon as we started talking. It was my first time at The Mustang Ranch and I was a little nervous. We had a drink or two to calm my nerves and then Serena took on a tour. We negotiated and then we went back to her room where she proceeded to get down to business in the sexiest and hottest way that I've ever had. Thank you babe!
Burt 2018-09-01

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