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Review - Ada is exactly what I thought a redhead would be all my life.  She has an awesome personality, and she has given me 2 of my top 5 most memorable orgasms ever. Also, she definitely knows how to use her tongue.
T 2018-12-02
Review -  For the first time in decades, I had a romantic, sensitive, bright, girlfriend for an evening. Ada showered me with affection and anticipated every need, and some I did not know I had. I will cherish the memories, until next time.
Rocket Tom 2018-08-26
Review - Ada Marie is so soft, gentle, and sweet! She was really easy to talk to and get along with. I genuinely felt like she cared and put everything into it. She knows how to take charge of need be or to let you do your thing. We partied a little and then cuddled and talked for a bit and then continued partying. She really knows how to please, and she is someone I will party with again no doubt.
B 2018-08-07
Review - Ada is one of the most beautiful and attractive ladies in the house or actually probably anywhere she goes she gets attention.
I have had several parties with Ada, and I plan on partying with Ada a lot more times in the future.
Ada always has the kind of party that pulls you up the mountain of Desire pushes you and Lead You to the peak of ecstasy she never fails to deliver what you are looking for. She is very down-to-earth. She's easy to talk to.... she's that everyday beautiful girl that you see around the world.
Ada is a true redhead with an amazingly tight body and all the curves that a man likes and she knows how to use them well and a pair hands they can heal any desire that a man has. She is submissive, and she is dominant, and she knows when to use both personalities to put the icing on her parties. And let me say it this way about Ada ...if you go to the finest steakhouse and you order pizza that's like going to the Mustang Ranch and not partying with Ada Marie. 
Order and Ada Marie party... you will never regret it.
I will definitely be back to order again ....another Ada Marie Party.
Jerry 2018-05-29
Review - What is it that makes Ada Marie so special?  Is it her gorgeous red hair?  Her pretty face?  Her perfect lithe young body?  Or is it her charming personality and sense of humor? Perhaps it's her passion in the bedroom? Yes, it's all of those things... but more than anything else, it's what she can do with that fantastic lemon-squeezer between her legs that takes a love-making session with her over the top.  Unforgettable!
Jake 2018-05-03





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