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Review - Wow... what an amazing lady. You should take the time to meet Ayana. She's all about you. I could elaborate but wouldn't know where to stop.
T 2018-12-12
Review - This lady will rock your WORLD? Well worth it!!
L 2018-12-06


Review - I had ad a wonderful time with you Alana. She is a dream come true as well as beautiful. I would definitely would love to see you again in the near future.
John P 2018-08-21


Review  - Ayana is a sweet lady who is very easy to talk to. During our time together, she was intelligent, understanding and knew exactly what to do. Thanks for the experience of a lifetime.
M 2017-06-23


Review - Ayana is absolutely amazing. Great personality, phenomenal conversationalist, and beautiful! I hit the Trifecta. Time with this true woman was the highlight of my year so far!!!! Hopefully, another party is in the near future! Can't wait to see you again!
LMFW 2017-04-18


Review - I Had the best time with Ayana she was kind and more than giving. We talked and explored each other, spent over three hours of non-stop love from this lovely lady looking forward to seeing her next time
Jon 2017-03-27


Review  - I had an amazing time with this Lady!
Killa 2016-07-05


Review  - Ayana was most awesome. You will have the time of your life.
P. Drek

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