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Review - I had the opportunity to party with Cherry recently and had a wonderful time.  I found her to be kind and thoughtful and very accommodating.  I can't wait until our next meeting.
Mark 4-8-18


Review - I enjoyed myself because then they'll go enjoy her company. But that's selfish, and she's a businesswoman, not a possession of mine and mine only. I wish I could have stayed longer. I wish I could go back now. All I can say is you will not regret it and if you're thinking of doing it, you should. The Ranch itself is not creepy or uncomfortable or seedy. It was a neat little place. A taxidermist's dream. Haha. The food was better than I figured it would be. And Cherry, sigh if only every night could be spent in a bed with her talking about her life and your own and having sex in between. She's absolutely worth it. And I hope to go back as soon as I can. As The Beatles say, "We shall scrimp and save." Haha. 
East Coast J 2017-05-10
Review - I'm a first timer, and she was very enjoyable. I met her at the bar. She struck me as a great conversationalist, so I asked her to give me a tour. We agreed on a price and discussed what I wanted. She was so cute and bubbly. We had a relaxing time in the hot tub then went to her room. She was very sexy, and I got what I asked for. I hope I can go back to Reno sometime! 
Patrick 2017-04-04
Review - Thank you for a wonderfully relaxing afternoon. You are a very pretty young lady. I will be back for another date.
Gary 2017-03-20
Review - Well, I did it again. It's been a couple of years. But I visited the stunningly beautiful Miss Cherry at the Mustang Ranch just outside Reno, Nevada for the second time. I booked an appointment with her ahead of time to assure that she'd be available. When I arrived, I got a beer from the bar to relax. She entered the room shortly after my arrival, and while she was walking toward me, I couldn't help but stare at her sweet little body. We hung out and enjoyed our drinks for a bit before we went to her room. As I expected, our time together was fabulous! It was everything I wanted and more. I just can't get enough of this girl! 
Mike 2016-10-16
Review - I had a wonderful start of 2016 by spending time with the lovely Ms. Cherry! I noticed her immediately, as soon as I walked through the front doors. Easy to talk to, sweet, smart and so sexy! Since I am still pretty much inexperienced she accommodated me by trying a good number of positions and techniques to see what I would enjoy the most - can not ask for any better than that! Thank you Cherry for also making sure I got a great finish! You are the best! 
Al(bert) 2016-01-03
Review - Never did I think my first experience would be so good. I mean, I knew it was gonna be hopefully good, but man she's excelled. I think I'd rate her a solid 8. Give or take 1. She was very welcoming, I felt at home almost immediately. You almost get reminded of home (the comfortability, not the rest) when they mention her eyes they aren't making it Up! 
Ron 2015-11-09
Review - I had the privilege of a visit with Cherry, today. It was my most wonderful experience in many years. Cherry is not just pretty; she is beautiful, clear through sensitive, caring, and tender. All that a man could want. 
Jimmy 2015-08-12
Review - Cherry is a wonderful, young petite girl. I was attracted by her beauty for sure but also her intellect, and we had interesting conversations, as well as great sex. I am an older man that she treated very well. She would be perfect if she would kiss, hehe! She now knows who this is. 
Richard 2015-06-13
Review - I chose Cherry from this site and her pictures before I got there. And I am glad I chose her! I was lucky she was there! She has beautiful brown alluring eyes that immediately transfixed me. I don't think Cherry knew it, but I was immediately attracted to her! I did not want to be forward as I am a little shy. I very much enjoyed our session. Cherry was very responsive to my needs. She was sensuous and sexy. She brought me to complete ecstasy. In one word: Perfect!
Chuck 2015-05-03
Review - Cherry was great. I traveled all the way from London to meet her. She was my first time. I will never forget it! 
Leon C. 2015-01-04
Review - Cherry is the most beautiful women there in my opinion and the nicest and very comfortable to be with. Beautiful face, perfect body and perfect personality. She makes me happy, and I hope I make her happy too. I had a happy New Year's Eve party with her. Happy New Year and many more years I hope. I would definitely be with her again soon. 
Scott 2014-12-31
Review - Cherry is very beautiful and very reasonable in the negotiation. She makes you feel very comfortable and is well worthwhile. Best bang for your buck! I greatly enjoyed our time together and would return to her. 
D.J 2014-12-01
Review - This was my first experience at a brothel, and it was surprisingly pleasant. To be honest, I wasn't exactly prepared, and I didn't expect to feel as welcome as I did. Cherry helped me feel comfortable and put me at ease right away. Cherry is simply amazing! She's a sweet and very, very beautiful young lady. I wish we could have partied all night long, but I had to get back to work. When I go back, I'll be better prepared, and I will definitely plan on staying a while longer. You're beautiful, Cherry! I hope you achieve all of your goals! 
Mike 2014-10-15
Review - Cherry was so sweet. She has a great way about her that makes you feel comfortable and accepted, which was perfect for a first-time customer like me. I opted for a full hour with her, and it was truly worth every minute. Of course, she has a fantastic body that's only going to get better with time, but it's her unassuming personality and occasional quirky laugh that makes you wish you could be a regular. And Cherry, favorite that mix station we created; it'll come in handy. 
AnonymousD 2014-10-07
Review - I just left this amazing young lady less than an hour ago. She is simply a sweet and kind person. I chose her from her bio, having no idea she would be exactly what I needed this evening. If I had known that she was so special, I would have planned better. I would have taken her out to a great restaurant, to a movie, shopping or other places a first-class young lady deserves. 
Anonymous 2014-10-03
Review - I saw Cherry during Labor Day weekend, and it was simply enjoyable. I approached Cherry 1st and made the 1st move. After one hour or so of talking, I settled for a full room service party. I was very pleased with her good attitude and service. She's a beautiful young girl with a slim petite body. I'm coming back to see her hopefully soon. Her looks are 9.5/10, body 9/10, service 8.5/10, price 8/10 and overall, you get the picture I'll definitely repeat! 
Bruce Li 2014-08-30
Review - Superb time spent with Cherry. She is smoking hot, and service is at its best. Very accommodative and easy to talk to. Was a little worried at first since she looked so young and thought might be inexperienced, but she totally blew me away but her skills and ease at getting the job done. Will see her soon. Thanks, babe. 
Kay 2014-07-26
Review - It was my first experience at a brothel, and it turned out to be a great time. I called and made an appointment with Cherry based on her pics. She is very young, but she made me feel comfortable right from the start. We partied in the hot tub and then retired to her room. Cherry is petite, but she has an incredible body! I loved feeling her beautiful breasts, and she felt so good when her body took me in. She gave me one of the most wonderful orgasms I have ever had. I have since partied with her two more times. I'm planning a return trip. Thanks, Cherry! P.S. Cherry fill out your stats, you have a lot to be proud of. 
Tony A. 2014-06-14
Review - Pretty face, hot little body, and a positive attitude - what more could you ask for! I'm usually wary of the young, new girls that I meet. The inherent inexperience is often tricky to navigate and has led me to disaster on a few occasions. Fortunately, though, I didn't let that stop me from taking a chance with Cherry, and she did not disappoint. She's just so cute and sexy; she had no problem getting the job done. 
Shutterbug 2014-06-12

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