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Review - Daisy Allison, I can't believe it has been almost a whole year since we were last together.  How many times I have thought about you, and dreamed of holding you in my arms once again, has helped me through some hard times.  So fun to talk to, so fun to play with.  I get so lost in your eyes,  That I lose track of time when we are together.  Hold you close and tell you all the things a woman wants to hear.   Thank you for a great time, you are with me in my thought and dreams. 
Just John  2018-03-28
Review - Fantastic says it all! Daisy has a great personality, smile, laughing eyes, body and knows how to party. She had me totally relaxed before we reached the bedroom. She is so much fun to talk to. How can an hour slip by so quickly?  After our party, we had a little lunch (that was great) and talked and talked.
Ron 2017-05-11

Review - Wonderful and beautiful lady. I talked briefly on the boards with this lovely lady and wanted to meet her a few times. Kept missing her but was finally able to meet her. She just finished another party, and she was just gorgeous. Very tall lady but as you can see from her pics very well proportioned. Party was awesome, and I enjoyed myself immensely. Ladies and gentlemen - you need to "at least" meet and talk to this lovely lady. Believe me; you will want to party with her.
Jake 2017-05-09

Review - Absolutely amazing woman! Beautiful, passionate, girl of my dreams!
Alan 2017-04-22

Review - The most fun I have had in years!
John 2017-04-19

Review - You never cease to amaze me. Was it the bathtub, or the saddle? Maybe it was the couch? The chair or bed? The Cowboy suite was fun with you! I think that time stood still for a moment as I ran my hand through your hair and kissed the side of your neck. Maybe we knew each other in a former life because it felt like we have known each other for years. I am happy, as I think of our time together. Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Just John 2017-04-03

Review - Don't let that innocent look fool you. Daisy is full of raw passion and knows how to treat a man. Thanks for making this old cowboy feel 10 feet tall. Thinking about our time together warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.
Just John 2017-03-10

Review - From the moment I spoke to Daisy, we had an intense connection. The softness of her touch, her passion, cute smile, and awesome personality, took me to places of ecstasy I have never experienced with any other woman. Take time to get to know her, she is super smart and has a killer body that felt incredible when held against mine. Daisy is worthy of all your respect, so treat her like a lady, and let her take you on the party of your lifetime. I will return to experience her touch again. See you in my dreams, my cowgirl!
Just John 2017-03-03

Review - I was first lol, and she was awesome. It was a very great time. She never disappoints.
Kain 2017-02-01

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