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Review - I had a great time with Ivy. She was the first to get my attention. She took me to the room with soft dim red lights almost dark. She took my clothes off and gave me the best blowjob ever. I asked her if I can fuck her rough like I am raping her, she said yes. I ripped her panties off and threw her into bed stood over her and fucked her like crazy. She was screaming from pleasure. I got an 8.5in dick, and she is very petite that was delicious. I fucked her for 2 hours straight and asked her to stay all night. I fucked her around 12 times that night best night ever.
Johnny 2018-01-22


Review - I met and partied with Ivy in January this year and this girl rocked my world. She was so beautiful and tender, she made me feel more like a man than I have in many years. She took her time with me and didn't hurry and it actually felt like she was a girlfriend not a courtesan. I'll be back to party with Ivy again and again.
Sam 2018-01-16


Review - It was my first time coming out to The Mustang Ranch and I didn't really know what to expect. I've been to a couple of the other brothels and really wasn't impressed with the talent and the atmosphere. The Mustang Ranch is completely different! Everyone there is nice and welcoming and cool. The staff and bartender welcome you in and the woman are not pushy, just nice and chill. I went in and had a couple drinks and then I spotted Ivy. She was a girl from my dreams. Right out of a movie or the pages of Playboy. I had to have her! She took me back and we negotiated a price and then she took me to heaven. Ivy, I'll be back soon to take you to heaven this time!
George 2018-01-22

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