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Review  - Yesterday was my first visit to the Mustang Ranch and Olivia sat with me for a pleasant conversation before giving me a tour of the ranch. She politely put up with my awkwardness and made me feel at ease and at home. Sadly, I was only able to swing a half-hour party with her, but it was a half-hour I will not soon forget. Thank you, Olivia. My time with you was incredible, memorable, and you made me feel worthwhile. I will certainly see you again. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.
Cory Beaulieu  2018-09-14
Review  - Ms. Olivia, thank you so much for helping to complete my awakening out at the ranch. Wonderful conversationalist, sense of humor, and heart of gold. All that coupled with that exotic body! Still getting the tingles.  Loved all the music and talk! Thank you so much for letting me open up to you honey. If our paths don't ever cross again, know that I'll be thinking of moonlight dips under Mars!
Gary 2018-08-26
Review  - What can I say!! FANTASTIC LADY!! Absolutely Beautiful!! Big dark brown eyes and an outstanding body--- that she knows will drive you crazy. Great personality and sense of humor. Saw her Tues. 8-23-18 and will drive three hours to see her before she leaves Tues. 8-28-18. Thank you, Olivia, for a wonderful time.
Gary 2018-08-23


Review  - I had the most amazing night with this woman. It was the night of hot passion words don't do justice, but I can tell you one thing I'll never go back to white women again!  
Paul 2018-08-21
Review  - Guys, if you haven't met Olivia Lush, she needs to go on your short list.  Now. I just had a party with her, and it was a completely mind-blowing experience.  Reading some of her posts here, I thought had some idea what to expect: the "Organic GFE."  Sounds like a simple idea.
I actually arrived there just as her shift was starting, so we sat and talked a few minutes while I unwound after the drive up there.  Soon enough, off we went to get down to business.  With some give and take, we soon reached an agreement, took care of all necessary business, and off to the Asian Suite we go.
What happens at Exit 28 stays at Exit 28, but suffice it to say that I had an incredible time.  She really knows how to treat a guy and make him feel good, and I think she enjoyed it as much as I do.  It's always great to meet a lady who has her heart in what she's doing: it makes for a better experience for both her and me.
We definitely enjoyed each other's company, but as is always the way, all good things come to an end.  Returning to the bar, I had a delicious meal, after that party I sure needed some sort of sustenance.
Definitely a good fun party, I would highly recommend this lady to anyone looking for a GFE with a little bit "extra."
Johann 2018-08-17
Review  - Olivia Lush is a true Latin lover! She is sensual and beautiful. She knows how to make a man feel special. She is the combination of intelligence and beauty. And her ass is to die for. I will repeat as soon as I can! Thank You.
The Cyclist 2018-07-20
Review  - Olivia is a dream. Gorgeous, sweet and very easy to talk to. I was very nervous when I arrived. Olivia took me on a tour of the grounds, and we just talked. By the time the tour was complete, she made me feel very comfortable. Her pictures on the website are stunning but pale in comparison to meeting her in person. I cannot wait to return and book some more time with you, Olivia!
MK 2018-07-10
Review  - Oh my God! Olivia's body is banging. She took care of me so good. She did all the work and really left me satisfied with a huge grin on my face. Thank you so much Olivia. I Can't wait to see you again!
Scott 2018-05-07


Review  - Best time in many years. Olivia is one special lady who is not only awesome to look at, she feels fantastic. I wish I could keep her for my own,  but that would deprive all the other guys a truly magical experience.  She is highly intelligent as well and can converse on most any subject. I can only hope she gets as much enjoyment and satisfaction from the men as she delivers, which to me is just as important as receiving  pleasure.
Until we meet again.
Rick M, Canada 2018-08-10



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