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Review - I met with Siren in the Dungeon Room.   I needed to explore my thoughts and feelings about such places.  She was educational and helped me experience the room too.   The combination of the room and her actions and thoughts make for a powerful experience.
S 2018-10-17
Review - What a girl! Siren is so easy to be with. She's a great conversationalist. Great to look at with a sweet little body. Amazing in the bedroom. I didn't want to leave.  
Bill 2018-10-14
Review - I’m late with my review, but there’s not a moment that goes by that I’m not thinking about my experience with Siren. She is by far something that any man( or woman) should spend some time with! She is an adorable little woman who will fill you with love, and will easily make you fall in love with her. From the moment we were together, I felt in control, and we were able to explore each other in ways that most are only able to dream of. Take the time, take the risk, and listen to this Siren’s song.
Steve 2018-09-09
Review - This girl is so incredible and so f%*king hot in person. I love her tattoos and her long black hair, and she was so sweet and really got into it. It actually felt like she was my girlfriend and that we had a badass connection with each other not only on a physical level but on a spiritual level. Our 2-hour party left me so satisfied, but now I find myself wanting her more and more. I am coming back again this sweet for some more Siren. Thank you.
Sam 2018-08-23
Review - I had the chance and pleasure to party with Siren last night and she completely blew my mind and believe me she has some wild and amazing oral skills. WOW!!
Johnny 2018-08-21

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