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Review - Absolutely amazing. 
Dickinsider 2017-12-01
Review - If this were one of those rating systems based on stars, with ten being OUTSTANDING, I'd call Whitney the Milky Way Galaxy because she would have over a billion stars. I've wanted to party with Whitney since she had arrived at the Mustang, but this was my first opportunity. I was not disappointed!! What a fantastic young lady in every way. Had such a great time I was back with her 36 hours later. I know a lot of people who say photos do not do the ladies justice. But that is definitely true in Whitney's case. I hope to have many more parties with Whitney. 
Best Golfer 2017-07-08
Review - When I visited the Mustang Ranch, it was my good fortune that Whitney was present. I had the occasion to party twice with her during my stay in town, and I cannot say enough about the experiences. Every little thing about those parties is practically engraved in my memory. This lady is hot, HOT. And the way Whitney conducted herself throughout certainly didn't hurt. I was spoken to and treated like a king at all times. For my next trip, I'll be making every effort to time it when Whitney will be there. 
R.J. Mack 2017-06-02
Review - I had a truly amazing experience with Whitney, hopefully, to repeated again someday! 
Matthew 2017-03-21
Review - Whitney was an exciting, fantastic person to be with. I found her to have a lovable sense of humor, a great conversationalist. She was most kind, gentle, and patient with me. She was a joy to me. I am most grateful to have had such an exhilarating experience! Thank you, Whitney. 
Don The Hun 2016-09-26
Review - Could not have been a perfect night. Went in to show some friends the scene with no plans myself, and I sat down next to Whitney at the bar. She made me feel so comfortable that I decided to take a tour and have a party with Whitney. I wish I could have partied with Whitney all night, and very much plan on continuing to party with Whitney. 
Lucas 2016-09-05
Review - She is a beauty she made me lust with dignity and tastefully. 
Serpent 2016-09-01
Review - Wow, wow, wow.... Well I just happen to sit down next to this sexy lady at the bar. We started talking, listening to music and having a few drinks. Whitney was great to talk to, and the conversation flowed. Felt comfortable with her.... Took a tour and decided on a party.... Wow oh wow, such fun with a beautiful, sexy, passionate and personable girl. Not my first time at the brothel, but my first with her and I highly recommend her. 
Singingtoyou 2016-04-10
Review - I had a great time with Whitney. She was real sweet to me and I would have loved to spend more time with her. She introduced me to a lot that I had never experienced before. Thank you for being so great. 
David 2016-03-14
Review - This was the first time I had seen Whitney in 3 years she was worth every minute of the wait she gave me two more fantastic experiences to add to our previous 4. I do have one regret that was 100 percent my fault that had nothing to do with what went on in the bedroom. Just something in hindsight I wished I had planned out better before, had even walked in the door the second night. Boy like I said Whitney was fantastic in the bedroom portion both nights. Give me one chance to make it right in 2016 and I will. I am working on a better plan for next year already to avoid a repeat of a bad decision on my part I made before even leaving my hotel on night 2. But trust me, Whitney, I don't make the same mistake twice. Give me one chance to fix my mistake next year Whitney, and I will make worth it to you I promise. Anyway like I said even after three years of not seeing her Whitney proved she is still phenomenal in the bedroom.  
I am Sorry Whitney 2015-12-05
Review - I had a great time with you last night. It's getting better every time. Looking forward to seeing you late February. Wish I could have you on my birthday! Thank you for helping me get my man back. Your the best. :) Scott, from Santa Barbara, 
Scott 2015-01-26
Review - Whitney was one of my more unique experiences in all the years I was frequenting the brothels. I actually booked her four times over a 364 period starting in late 2011. Glad to see you are back at it Miss Whitney who knows maybe our paths will cross again someday, either way, you are still a ten young lady. 
It Does Not Matter 2011-12-05

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