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What Our customers are Saying


I had the opportunity to party with Aubrey and Olivia, and I have to say it was an excellent choice lol the chemistry between these two girls is undeniable! Olivia was very engaged while we were together, and I could tell Aubrey genuinely enjoyed herself. I consider myself very lucky to have met them both. T 2019-07-09


I've been to the Mustang Ranch many times, this time around my party was with Max, best one in a long time, we started out in the hot tub, then went to her room to finish the party, she has a great personality, very passionate and affectionate, loves to touch and be touched, every minute with her was awesome! I will party with her again. Sal 2018-01-08


It was her smile that grabbed me from the moment I saw this sexy lady. She was sweet and alluring, and our bodies melded together perfectly. I can't wait to get back and visit her again soon.  Victor 2018-16-01


I was fortunate enough to spend NYE with Jasper, and knew from the beginning it would be a night to remember.  Exceeded every expectation, and planning the return trip already. R 2019-01-1


Erica is a charming woman with amazing sexual skills. I'm going to party with her again! Gus 2017-12-30


This was the second time that I visited Mustang Ranch and saw Rachel. She is a beautiful Romanian woman that is very intimate, passionate and thoughtful about your interests. Rachel is seriously world-class! Seth 2017-10-19


I had my second party with JR, and it was even more amazing than the first. Oh my god, are the only words I can say to express how incredible it was. I cannot believe how hot and sexy she is. We were gonna go for a dip in the hot tub, but it was closed, so we got into one of the suites. I am looking forward to partying with her again. Lionheart 2018-02-01


OMG Nola is a Goddess from a very beautiful soft, delicious planet. Time spent with Nola is like a wild adventure in PARADISE. She is mesmerizing and has the class and charm of a Princess in the King’s Court. Courtesan is the French term for a woman or Queen of the court. Nola is both Mother Nature and a Goddess from France’s historic Revolution
Nola took me to far away Nirvana and around the Earth in 1 visit! Please book and email an appointment avec la belle femme fatale NOLA ASAP Bejam Fortun€$ 2018-01-07


We are open 24/7 365 so unless there is a special lady you like to visit there is no need for reservations. If you are trying to hook up with a specific lady (or ladies) or if just want more information you can call us anytime or use the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Mustang Ranch Brothel is also a legally licensed Escort Service. All Mustang Ladies, as Independent Contractors, are legally available for dating. The date must start at the Mustang Ranch property. The customer/client with proper arrangements may take one lady or a few ladies on an (Off the Ranch Property) date. The legal brothel industry requires all activities of an explicit sexual nature to take place on Mustang Brothel property. The ladies enjoy going on the "off the ranch dates." They may venture into town, the mountains, or even an overnight adventure. Activities often include a limo with driver, then dinner, a show, a concert, gambling, skiing, or a romantic ride to Lake Tahoe. Let your imagination be your guide. All Escort Service charges shall be negotiated with each Independent Contractor at the Mustang Ranch property. Each Contractor establishes their own fee structure.

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