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Ladies Name:  Alexia
Eye Color: Green       
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Height:  6’2
Measurements:  38D-35-50
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
Favorite Food: I enjoy all types. Let’s go on a dinner date together
Favorite Drink: Come join me for a naked cocktail in the Jacuzzi
Favorite Outfit: A sexy dress to show off my hourglass curves
Favorite Gifts: Spa gift certificates, sexy lingerie, Nordstrom and Sephora gift cards
Lucky Number: 7
What’s your favorite place on your body?  My legs to wrap around you and my playful and inviting smile
Do you do threesomes?  Yes, of course! I have several girls I love to play with. One of my favorite games is a blow job contest.
Do you kiss? I don’t kiss and tell. Come visit with me to discuss intimate details
BDSM? I love the sensual side as well as the kinky
Do you do anal? Come in and let’s try something new
Are you submissive?  Dominant?  Both?  Sometimes I like to hold back and let the gentleman take control. Other times I want to be naughty and have things my way.
Your favorite sexual position? Bend me over the bed so we both can enjoy the great view in my mirrors
Describe a sexy, enticing, come and get me party: Start off with a nice dinner in town, flirting and sexually charged. Eagerly waiting to get back to one of the Jacuzzi suites to have some naughty, naked fun




Review  -  This lady is something else.  Partying with her is more than just fun; it's an experience to be treasured.  Just as good for the heart and mind as it is for the body.  Alexia has received a plurality of my business between all my visits at the Mustang, and she will continue to for quite some time.
Drew 2019-04-15
Review  - I've been to The Mustang Ranch quite a few times, but never quite worked up the nerve to book a party. That all changed when I walked in to have a few beers the other day and started chatting with the gorgeous curvy beauty, Alexia. She was so great to talk to. After a few drinks, we decided to go to her room. Why did I wait so long? It was an amazing party. Thank you, Alexia!
Ron 2017-13-11
Review  - Thank you, Alexia, for an amazing night. I highly recommend you book a party with this lady.  A true caring companion with a giving nature.
Wes 2018-15-02