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September 20 - October 11









Review - Briana Banks: I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Briana today. She is super easy to talk to and sincerely wants to ensure her clients have an enjoyable experience. I'll be going back to see Briana again. Kevin 2022-09-3
Review - Briana Banks: Sometimes fate decides to swing things your way – such was my fortune in meeting Briana, as she was sitting alone when I walked into the lounge. This chance encounter and her great smile (among other assets) led to a relaxed conversation as we got to know each other a bit. Yes, we would get to know each other even better before the afternoon was through, one of the best parties I’ve had at the Ranch. Physically, it was all you might imagine from her pics, but her empathy and sense of connection made it truly memorable. Briana is personable, engaging, and open-minded. She made me feel totally at ease. I wish I had met her earlier, but now I know and will see her again! 2022-08-29
Review - Brianna Banks was personable and made our visit very relaxing. She was a joy to party with, and we look forward to seeing her again. 2022-08-29
Review - Briana was the kindest woman during my visit. I’m a timid person, and I was going blind not knowing what to expect, but she came over, and we talked with me, and I felt instantly connected. I took the tour with her, and we even shared some laughs. So if you’re hoping for a beautiful girl who can make your experience more comfortable, ask for Briana. 2022-06-04
Review - Briana was super sweet and straightforward during the booking. She took the time to find what my husband and I wanted. She was patient and respectful of the boundaries set. It was a great experience with a beautiful person. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 2022-04-17
Review - I just spent some time with Briana, and it was awesome. It was my first time going to any brothel, I was super nervous, and she made me feel very relaxed. After, we just sat talking and she's a super cool person to just hang out with. She asked me if I was planning on visiting again later and I told her it was probably a one-time thing, but the more I think about it the more I think I might just have to come visit her again. 10/10.
Review - Briana is a true rockstar that makes dreams come true! 5-star service is the best! She’s very friendly and awesome to chat with!?????
Review - Briana Banks !! Ladies and Gentleman, Please give a hardy round of Applause for Briana Banks! This beautiful woman took me to a place I hadn't been to in such a long time. This was my 1st visit to the Ranch. I'd heard stories and Had to find this Oasis. I got my Brothel Cherry popped! Briana gave me a tour, and then Briana took me beyond the stars. Her eyes are gorgeous, and She has a Smile and a Look that if she were a Siren, many a man would succumb to her song. She is amazing! Every bit of Briana is perfect. Just sit and talk to her, and you'll know what I mean. I'll be coming back to see her! 2022-03-02
Review - Briana was excellent in every sense of the word. Charming, easy to talk to, and super hot! She'll do everything she can to make sure you feel at ease, and she's excellent at it! You can't go wrong with her, and she's top-notch. I knew she was the right choice as soon as she walked up to me in the bar. 2021-11-13
Review - Brianna Banks, Thank you for the amazing time and the utmost professionalism. Highly recommended! Best time ever. 2021-10-23
Review - Briana was awesome. She has a charming personality and an angelic smile. Briana has a real tight pussy, and I am so glad that I felt it. Even though she was just on her 6th day, I felt like she knew her stuff and could give you an experience you won't forget. 2021-10-19