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May 18 - June 18






Review - Cindy is amazing! She is warm, intelligent, bright, fun and giving. There is a brain behind that pretty face. She knows how to please you! 2022-06-01
Review - Cindy was fantastic: fun and passionate!
Review - I enjoyed a life-changing afternoon with Cindy and Latina, or as I like to call them, the "Latina syndicate." These two, or either one on their own, will take excellent care of you. Just beware of the pickle juice. I love both of you. I hope I see you again before I leave. Andrew. 2022-04-14
Review - Latina and Cindy dynamic duo, two hot Latinas, had a great time. Latina is a friendly and beautiful lady. I was interested in the party only with her, but Latina convinced me that two girls were more fun than one. 2022-04-11


Review - I just enjoyed indoor sports with Cindy recently as part of my birthday early weekend celebration. I was having a drink at the Mustang's bar/restaurant section recently. Cindy sat next to me. The next thing I know is we are in her room. Wow! She was great! 2021-07-29


Review - I had a party with Cindy in the past April and she rocked my world. She's got a banging body and an ass that just won't quit. She got on top of me and rode me reverse cowgirl until I couldn't take it. I'll be back this month to see you beautiful!
John 2018-05-01