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Ladies Name: Rea (Pronounced Ray*A)
Eye Color: Green, Sexy Like “Betty Davis” Eyes
Hair: Blonde, that’s Brunette with a hint of Blonde
Measurements: 34” – 28” – 38”
Height: 5’3”
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Home-Made Caesar Salad
Favorite Outfit: Little Sexy Black Dress
Favorite Drink: Pink Wine
Favorite Gifts: Jewelry and Gift Cards
Lucky Number: 13
Do you do threesomes: But of course! My favorite experience would have to be, with a bunch of gentlemen partying in Lake Tahoe, when out of the blue, another women and I ravished each other, In front of the entire party.
What’s the favorite part on your body: Smile-Legs-Breasts Etc.
The small of my back, I love sexy dimples just above the contouring of my back bone
Do you Kiss: I will kiss and nibble on you most everywhere
Do you Like Anal: Yes I do
BDSM: Sure………. It’s open for discussion
Are you submissive? Dominate? Both? Both, Love to be submissive and pamper and spoil, however, I can be forceful and passionate.
Your Favorite Sexual Position: Doggie style, I can tease you with the view of my ass, while you penetrate my sugar walls.
What is your most enticing Experience: Come visit me and we will be creative together!



Review - I had the pleasure of a party with Rea for an evening and had way more than I ever even dreamed. I wanted an experience, and that's what I got. The energy and personalities were fantastic. I would recommend her anytime. She was the best. A very nice person as well as an excellent party partner. A superb choice. I will be back for a repeat visit. 
Beanmaster 2017-12-17
Review - First time there Rea came to our table as we were eating and she was very polite and so very beautiful and sexy. You can get mesmerized by just her looking at you. 
Customer 2017-09-06
Review - I had my second party with Rea. What a smoking hot package of dynamite she is. Just love her. This time she brought Tori with her, and they gave me a workout. She's so sweet that I just can't resist. Damn near gave me a heart attack. AWESOME! 
Donnie 2017-08-23
Review - Finally had a party with Rea. What an awesome lady! She was everything I expected and much more. I loved the naked with cowboy boots look! Awesome. 
Donnie  2017-08-09
Review - I love her! 
Jeremy OReilly  2017-05-20
Review - I met her last week and had great sex. So much for waiting, I came back a few days later and repeated. She's really kind and really kinky. I highly recommend spending time with her! 
Steve 2017-03-27
Review - Hands down the best lady they ever had. That said she's never around and I never get an email. I've been with some of the others. Years back I spent lots of time with Vanessa then she left so I hardly came back until I met Rea. She's cute and kinky, but when I'm there, she's usually not. In the event, you ever come across her, do yourself a favor and get naked with her. If she's not there go home and fuck the wife or Gf. 
Steve 2017-03-01
Review - Absolutely out of this world amazing. She gave me a night I will never forget. I will definitely be returning to live the fantasy again. Thank you, Rea! 
Steve 2017-01-13
Review - Rea is amazing, and I hope to return to my muse many times in the future. Incredible, amazing, mind-blowing are all understatements. 
Steve 2017-01-13
Review - I met Rea at the Mustang Ranch last week. It was my first time at a brothel, and I was quite nervous, but Rea was so sweet and easygoing. I soon relaxed and was able to thoroughly enjoy our time together. She's a beautiful woman with a wonderful body. I'll never forget the sight of the two of us reflected in the mirror by her bed as Rea worked her magic with her body. I'll definitely ask to see her again the next time I'm in the area! 
Peter 2016-12-01
Review - Simply AMAZING! First time experiencing this kind of thing and it was hands down one of the best nights I've ever had. She was a goddess! Five stars! 
John Snow 2016-11-16

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