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Bust: 36
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Height: 5’8”
Turn Ons: Stimulating conversation; sensual kissing, biting and nibbling.
Favorite Position: Doggy Style
GFE: Yes
Recipe To My Heart: Talk Nerdy to me!
What Makes Me Smile: Making other people happy and satisfied!
Wishlist: 2 girls or more, Overnight, a date stargazing, shower play
Ethnicity – Israeli; Jewish; Caucasian
Complexion – Pale, Freckled
Hair Color – Alternative
Eye Color – Green
Tattoos – 4
Piercings - 4
Hello! I’m Kitti Minx, the premiere cosplay courtesan of the Mustang Ranch and the #1 geek girl companion in Nevada. I’ve been an award-winning cosplayer for over ten years and featured in magazines and other publications globally. My adult XXX cosplay has been featured in Cosplay Deviants and Pixel Vixens. I’ve been an adult performer since I was 18 and have been in features with some of the best in the business as well as a camgirl sensation.  I’m also an alternative pinup model, burlesque performer, and part of the Suicide Girls. You may also recognize me from my YouTube channel and my overall internet and social media presence. I really get around! I love to rock my alt style whether it’s biker chic with my tattoos and piercings or 50s housewife with cute dresses, hairstyles, and high heels but my favorite is Harajuku and KPop street fashions.  Along with my subversive fashion you can see me around the Ranch in cosplay costumes – usually from anime, comic books, video games, and movies. What is your favorite?
I’m highly patient and enjoy taking my time with my clients. I offer a variety of parties and don’t like to pigeonhole myself to specific things. However, I will say my specialties are cosplay, roleplay, and a variety of fetishes and kinks. Is 50 Shades of Grey up your alley or even too tame for you? I might be your gal! But I also enjoy more vanilla tastes too with some of my most popular parties being the Girlfriend Experience (with kissing!) and Overnights. Since I like to take my time to make sure my partner is satisfied I am often a go-to for those virgins looking to comfortably make their sexual debut for the first time in a safe place. With notice, I am available for out dates and offer anal intercourse as well.  Because I’m petite, my favorite position is doggy style!
I am open to clients from all walks of life – male, female, it doesn’t matter! I also happily love to help couples explore their bedroom fantasies. My idea of a good time is whatever puts a smile on someone’s face. Whether it’s naked time in the jacuzzi, a sensual massage, oral play, passionate sex, or fulfilling someone’s dream of finally getting to tap Princess Leia from Star Wars – if it makes someone happy then I’m happy too!  Also, I have high respect for our men and women in uniform who serve in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire & Rescue, etc. and offer relaxation services to anyone and anyone with a focus of those in the services.  I’ve been told I’m easy to talk to and help people feel right at home.
As you can see I’m an open book and love to spice things up while at the same time keep things calm and comfortable. Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!



Review - Had a fantastic time today with Kitti! I'm a very anxious, introverted person, so she made me feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend you book an appointment with her!
Review - Kitti Minx was awesome! We had a great party (even though there were a few glitches along the way) over the weekend. When I arrived for our appointment, she came to meet me in a sheer see-through sexy black lace lingerie. We had a chance to first talk in the bar getting to know one another before negotiations. Negotiations were super easy, and she made me feel at ease throughout the process.
Our party was in the Italian Room which was awesome, and highly recommended and also her favorite room. The party was fun and tried stuff I have never done before. If you like BJ’s, she is highly recommended! Like I said before, there was a small glitch in the party that neither one of us had control over, and I still had one of the best parties! She was very accommodating and made an effort to ensure an awesome party. She made the experience special and definitely will be one of my most memorable brothel experience!
I definitely plan on a future party next time I’m in Reno. (We have unfinished business!) Hopefully, she will be on tour!
Inocrush 2019-04-17


Review - As a word of warning,  I am not the most erudite individual when it comes to my writing. So as you read this, I ask that you, please forgive me as I trip and stumble over my own words.
On Sunday, April 7th, I had the good fortune to spend time with the Courtesan named Kiti Minx. This was actually our third meeting. I had two previous Soft Meeting with her to see if we would be a good match for one another.  While the physical part of our time together was very much enjoyable, the best part for me was all the time we spent talking. For me, spending time with a courtesan is not just about the rumpy-bumpy parts (don't get me wrong I do enjoy that part  ;D).  It was just so nice to have someone to talk with on several topics ranging from pop-culture to politics, and even our favorite sea mammals and the need to preserve them.
Another wonderful thing about Kiti was her patience with me. I tend to be incredibly neurotic and anxious in social situations. Being with a courtesan who understands that on multiple levels is incredible. So there was no rushing to get things, and we were able to take things at a leisurely pace.
So there is my review. I hope someone will find it of use. I apologize for it not being more dynamic.
Oh and one last thing. Kitti has a bit of cult following. Trust me when I say that this cult was not if her doing. They sort created themselves. Nerds and geeks can be like that sometimes. So you might want to be extra nice to Kitti Minix, or the Cult Minx will drown you in a sea of Mountain Dew and Doritos.
Duran Rivers 2019-04-11
Review - After a long two-month wait, I finally was able to come down to see Kitti and be with a woman for the first time. And let me tell you, it was worth it, all of it. Kitti is one of the nicest and most caring people I've ever been with, period. From starting with drinks and some chitchat in the bar to the tour she gave to the time I left, it was the greatest night of my life, even with some obvious first-time jitters and confidence issues to get over. 
After a quick negotiation, we hung in the jacuzzi for a little bit to get comfortable, and then went back to party. And when it finally came down to doing it, she was careful and reassuring every step of the way. I got to experience things I've only dreamed of before, and I'm super happy that my first time with a woman was with Kitti. Getting to know her has completely changed me, in more ways than just our party. And, I honestly can't wait for the next opportunity to come out and see her, whenever that may be.
So again, thank you so very much, Kitti. For an awesome night, and everything else. If you're on the fence about seeing her, just go for it; you'll have an amazing time, guaranteed. :)
SuperJitteryFirsty97 2018-06-22
Review - I had a great time, and while it was an unconventional party, she did not disappoint. I felt very lucky as this was a day more than she had planned to say, so I got to meet her.
Sizmic 2017-11-03

Review - I was quite nervous, as this was my first visit. I wasn't sure what to expect and wanted to ease into things at the bar. Kitti approached me there and was very friendly. She explained quite a few things about how things operate, who was who and just kept the conversation going. I quickly found myself at ease and let her take me on a tour. When we entered the negotiation room, things went smoothly, and I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable. The time we spent was very pleasant, and I'd be happy to visit with her again when I'm back in the area. Thanks, Kitti!
0bserver 2017-09-20

Review - Kitti was expecting me. Before anything else, I must say that I was not quite prepared for how pretty she is. She is cute in her online photos, but they really do not do her justice at all. Oh, no readers may be thinking. Here we go again, another over-the-top review of Kitti Minx. Yes, we know. Kitti Minx is beautiful. Kitti Minx is smart. Kitti Minx is talented, Kitti Minx is all that and a bag of chips. Tell us something we don't know! Well, fellas, yeah check, check, check, and check. It's all true. What really hit home for me though was how she was able to calm the nerves of a first timer. I'm not quite sure how she did that, but if she could bottle it, she'd be a millionaire. I think it was just authentic, kind, and patient. The negotiations went quite smoothly another thing that I had been stressing about; then we retired to one of the theme rooms. No details but time was spent in the Jacuzzi and cuddling. And Kitti is one fine cuddler! After our hour was up, all too soon, we went to the bar and had a drink and probably spent another hour just chatting (mainly about Game of Thrones. It's a beautiful thing when two geeks meet). I had such a good time with Kitti that I asked if we could do an out date away from the ranch. She agreed, and we set something up for dinner, a show, and some alone time in my Reno hotel. And here is where I cop to a rookie mistake if dinner is not going to be a light meal, say if you go the Sterling Steakhouse in the Silver Legacy Hotel, the wise client will take the alone time before dinner, not after. The reason being that after a superb dinner, by the time we got to my room, we were both in a virtual food-coma. We were unable to do much besides watch some YouTube videos, cuddle, and chat. Did I mention that she is a great little cuddler? Still, she is so much fun to be with and to talk to I still had a great time. So altogether between 2 parties, I was probably with Kitti Minx for about 7 hours, give or take. And she was completely engaged the entire time, and I was absolutely enchanted the entire time. Kitti is an absolute pleasure to be with both in private and in public. I cannot think of anyone who would have been a better choice to help me break the LPIN ice. Thank you, Kitti Minx, you gave me fabulous memories that I will carry for life! I hope we can make some more soon!
Mr Ed 2017-09-17

Review - As quite an anxious person I was a little scared. But after taking a tour with her, I felt way more comfortable. She's a very kind-hearted, genuine, compassionate person. I had an awesome trip and highly recommend that people go see her. You will have an awesome time.
Team Gurren 2017-09-13

Review - I have followed Kitti Minx since her time at a southern house. Being a resident of the north, or as the local paper used to refer to it Superior California, an LV trip wasn't going to happen. However, I kept my eye on Ms. Minx since she has been quite supportive of this board. When she made to move to the Mustang an in-person visit became a possibility. Now due to my ATF's being ensconced in Carson, I had not visited the Mustang/Wild Horse since the days of Kristine. There I dated myself. But after CWMC and before she left I took the drive over to pay a visit. Unlike my times in Carson, I saw other customers besides myself in the bar which means others must find taking Exit 28 for some time at the Mustang worthwhile. One of the things that make LPIN special is the ability to choose different types of women for you to pick from. Kitti is not just another lady on the floor. Anyway chatted for awhile about her CWMC experiences then proceeded to negotiation. I am the guy who leaves his credit and ATM card behind and brings a fixed amount I have budgeted for a visit with me. My desires are minimal on a get to know you visit. Really have never had a negotiation issue but I am not trying to get the absolute lowest price that a woman would accept. Kitti is not shy about posting pics in different states of dress or no dress at all, so you guys know she has a most attractive body. Given her small body size, her breasts are larger than her pictures would suggest if that's something you want. To the bed. Hey, when I was younger multiple pops and long stretches of activity where the norm. That and my hair are but memories of the past. But the sexual activities met my needs and the cuddling and talking exceeded my expectations. In the end, can you really want more?
Norcal 2017-07-24

Review - The original plan had been to attend the CWMC festivities, but due to a sprained ankle that took longer to heal than originally planned (even now still feels funny from time to time) and some stuff that popped up at home, I was forced to miss out on all the activities. I definitely would have liked to have met more of you, another time perhaps. I did manage to make it into town the Sunday night after. During my time there I did a variety of things like meeting up with a local monger well known to this board, making the trip to lovely Tahoe, and being able to say "I flew from Stead Field where they have the Reno Air Races" 8). If you're still around reading this, thanks, I hope you enjoy. Due to circumstances that unfolded during my trip (some within my control, some outside of it), I only had a chance for one party. Thankfully it ended up being with Kitti Minx, so it was made to count at least ;D 8). Went in on what ended up being her last night on her tour and she invited me to sit where I met another fellow monger already engaged in conversation. Unfortunately, his handle name escapes me right now (if you're reading this and want to say hello, be my guest). Talked about a wide variety of things for a while, then was asked by Kitti if I wanted to talk in the back, to which I responded in the affirmative. I was shown around the back parts of the ranch, which I hadn't seen before then went in for what was probably the quickest negotiation that I can remember. I can definitely say it was one of the more intense parties I've had and she definitely made me be "active" during the entire session. Definitely worth a repeat despite the fact I was sore afterward ;D. Due to some issues with my flight out, I had to leave town earlier than planned, but thankfully some fond memories were at least made thanks to Kitti.
Raving Loon 2017-07-24

Review - Friday night I made it over to the Mustang and partied with Kitty Minx. A very engaging lady of whom I didn't know what to expect. Well given the travel I was pretty worn out, and she took it easy on me. A very chill party that was welcomed, by the time I left there It was after midnight, and it was back to the hotel Was up early Sunday, so I did the scenic drive over Tahoe, something I hadn't done in probably ten years. The Scenic vistas are as great as ever. Spent about 3 hours taking my time to stop and admire the view. It never gets old. Reminds of an old billboard that used to be on the south side of Reno, Hey Vegas build this! With a picture of the mountains. Then off to breakfast for one last visit. And then a 2nd visit to the Mustang to party with Kitti Minx again to continue what we started on Friday. She promised the VIP treatment and delivered. Some jacuzzi time followed by some bedroom time was a great way to finish the trip.
georoc01 2017-07-21

Review - Dang if this girl didn't leave me stunned. I haven't had such a good time, in a long time. This girl knows how to party, and how to give you what you need.
Davin Rennoll 2017-07-19

Review - I wasn't able to stay in Nevada for the awards ceremony, but I was there in earlier July. I had the chance to party with Kitti Minx on her first day of her CWMC tour. Because it was her first day and it was a bit early before the festivities started, Kitti and I agreed to a fairly simple party with none of her cosplay costumes. We had a nice relaxed visit. Kitti has a nice slender body and was very patient with me. I had partied a few times with others on the days before our visit and I am no spring chicken, so I was a bit drained. But Kitti did a great job of pleasing me, spending considerably more time on serving me orally because of my drained condition. Kitti was quick with negotiations; she was fun. We spent some time in the hot tub and chilled together. She was a good listener and a good talker. Thanks, Kitti.
Just Another Guy 2017-07-18

Review - I'm very shy about making the next, so when Kitti Minx asked me if I wanted to do a tour, I gladly accepted. After the tour, I said I would like to "attempt" to negotiate a party with her. Admittingly I kind of let the negativity associated with Moundhouse and Sheri's Ranch get to me and applied that to all urban brothels, and like many, I assumed that I would have to be far far away from Reno or Vegas to get a good party at a decent rate. Out of respect for her I'm not going to say what I paid, but I will say since it's kind of well known what the Elko houses charge I decided to take that into account and add on a premium given the location and her being rather well established for my initial offer, and she immediately accepted, which made me feel great. I just wanted a basic party, as I am very nervous and was also a little overwhelmed from my long flight. She was very patient with me and very friendly throughout the whole party, she made me feel as relaxed as possible. We continued to talk during the party about a wide variety of subjects which eased my tension even more. The next day I decided instead of going to Elko I would go to Mustang to repeat, as she was charging me a rate I felt comfortable with a mere 15 minutes away from my hotel. I felt that the price I was paying above the Elko rate was worth not having to do an 8 hour round trip. There's not much else to say about my 2nd visit, except the 2nd time is a lot easier (and better) and less nerve racking.
MidAtlanticMan 2017-05-09

Review - Kitti is amazing! Everything you could ask for and more, will be back to see her again for sure... especially when that Dungeon Suite opens! Looks and brains:)
Muffdivepro530 2017-05-09

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