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Review - I usually don’t do reviews, but this experience was exceptional. It was my first visit to a brothel, and the “Ranch” had many beautiful ladies. I had been eyeing Alyx online for some time when my opportunity became apparent, so I e-mailed her and was quickly answered back. I explained my situation and lack of intimacy in my current marriage, and she said she could help. After a few e-mails, I was intrigued with her, so I made the arrangements, and once there, Alyx immediately greeted me in the bar. We spent much time connecting and talking about what seemed to be everything. She is easy to talk to, intelligent, understanding, and kind. Her beauty is stunning so much as to mesmerize anyone into her spell. I decided to spend the night, and her sensual and unrushed approach put me at ease. After some fun hot tub time, we retreated to “our” bedroom and had the best time of my life late into the night. Alyx knows what to do and how to do it and is a pleaser. She’ll make you forget about whatever mental baggage you brought and make you feel like the man you are. After another early morning romp, we cleaned up and had a great breakfast at the Ranch before I reluctantly had to leave. I will never forget her and have plans for a return visit very soon. OMG, what a woman. 2022-09-04  -Niels
Review - I was nervous, and it was only my second time having sex ever, and Alyx made me feel so relaxed and gave me such a good time. For all Newcomers, go and see Alyx, and you will be more confident like me too now that I have seen her. 2022-05-25
Review - I had a great time with this beautiful lady. Witty, funny, and intelligent. Alyx sure makes everything that you're looking for possible. Really down to earth, she is tantalizing in and out of bed. Definitely worth your time and attention! -J
Review - Alyx is a great lady if you're looking to spend your time. She is funny, fun, witty, and down-to-earth. She quickly brings forth and matches your energy in and out of bed—fun to be with and a great listener. You will love every minute with Alyx! Hands down, totally worth it. 2022-05-20
Review -  Alyx is a beautiful person both inside and out. She is attentive, kind, gentle, and sexy. Our session felt unrushed and filled with passion.
I look forward to seeing her again. 2022-01-17
Review -  I met Alyx in the bar one night, and we immediately hit it off. So we hopped into the back, and I had the best time of my life. Alyx is a beautiful, sexy, and fun lady. We had a great intimate time and then laughed and talked. After we had dinner, we had another great session and planned on meeting again. Alyx is so great. Jackson-12-10-21
Review -  Thanks to Alyx, my first visit to a brothel was a fantastic experience! I was hesitant and somewhat anxious before coming, but we had communicated via email prior, and she put all my fears to rest and made me feel welcomed and appreciated. I had been in a sexually conservative marriage and needed to explore more of my sexuality. Alyx helped me with more than just sex. She's an empathetic and kind person. Our conversation was as much a highlight of the experience as the sex. But make no mistake, the sex was excellent, and Alyx took me through the paces! Both her mind and her body are things of beauty, and after it was all said and done, I couldn't imagine experiencing my first time with anyone else. I'm planning to see her regularly. Also, the staff at the Mustang were friendly, helpful, and welcoming. If you've never been and think you know what a brothel is, I suggest you try it - you'll be amazed. Thanks again, Alyx - great conversation, great sex, and an overall fantastic experience. CJ 2021-12-2
Review - First threesome EVER with Alyx & Nancy!!!!... A Blonde & Brunette exceeded my expectations. They both sucked my cock, rode me, making cum multiple times!! Champagne, flowed and my eyes rolled back in my head as the blonde and brunette took me to pure ecstasy. I have never experienced such pleasure in my entire life!!! Guys, you won't be disappointed with these two!! I highly recommend Alyx and Nancy for a hot time!! _ Dennis C.. 2021-11-29
Review - I usually don't write reviews, but I felt the need to today. Alyx took the time to talk and to get to know me. She's a beautiful person inside and out, and I would recommend seeing her! 2021-11-24
Review - I'm so glad I got to party with Alyx a few nights ago. I had a little hot tub time to get to know her and then off to some absolutely hot time in her room. Alyx immediately made me feel at ease and focused her attention on pleasing me. This lady knows exactly what she's doing. She sensuously and slowly built me up and then shifted gears and fucked my brains out. We had dinner afterward, and I took my exhausted self home. I will be back for more and soon. Alyx is an absolute pleasure!  She's hot, guys! 09-27-2021
Review - Alyx is stunning. I love mature ladies and she was mature, beautiful and has a great mind. She took me where I wanted to go and changed my life forever. I'm in love! Pete 2021-09-01