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January 10 - 26









Review - Last night I had the incredible pleasure of spending the afternoon/evening with the Beautiful, Sexy, Smart, Funny, Sensual Bella for our 3rd get-together. The fact this was our 3rd party should say a lot because I only repeat with Ladies who provide Great Parties. This incredible Lady delivers & then some for what I look for in a playmate. Do yourself a favor & book with this Awesome Lady & you won’t be disappointed! I can’t wait until our next time SixT9er 2022-11-04
Review - I was afraid that all these glowing reviews of Bella would set impossible-to-meet expectations, resulting in disappointment. But everything here is spot on, and she’s easily at the top of my all-time favorites. Bella is very outgoing and enthusiastic, whether you’re engaging in conversation at the bar or having a sexy time in her room. She has a sharp mind, intoxicating beauty, smokin’ body, and determination to please, which guarantees an unforgettable experience. Shutterbug 2022-10-18
Review - Bella is AMAZING! I have now had three incredible parties with the Great Lady. She is more beautiful than her pictures, but her true beauty is her sweet, fun & flirty personality. When we met in the bar for our first party, we lost track of time just chatting & the next thing we knew, 1 1/2 hrs had passed. The party was incredible & I knew I wanted to see this Lady again as soon as possible, which was Yesterday Friday the 23rd. I didn’t think my parties could surpass the first, but to my amazement, they did! This Lady is on my must repeat every chance I get list. Thank You, Bella, for an incredible evening of Sexy fun! SixT9er 2022-09-25
Review - I went to the Mustang Ranch for the first time and had the great pleasure of spending time with Bella. She is incredibly sexy and has the rare trait of being equally physically and mentally stimulating! My expectations were greatly exceeded, and I truly delighted in every moment of Bella's company. I knew I would enjoy my time there but didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. 11/10! C.A.B. on 2022-07-13
Review - I went to the ranch for the first time and enjoyed spending my time with Bella. She has just as sexy of a mind as she does a fantastic body which made for the perfect combination of mental and physical stimulation! She treated me with a level of hospitality I had not seen, and anyone would be fortunate to spend their time at the ranch with her. The only thing that could have made this place better would've been a 420 lounge! 11/10 if & when I come back would see her again! C.A.B. 2022-07-02
Review - I went out to see what there was to offer. In a lineup, Bella caught my eye. Negotiations were very smooth. She was open to what I wanted. The party was amazing she is so beautiful that I never wanted to leave. I had to return to see her again that weekend. If you are looking for a beautiful woman who will keep you wanting more, look no farther than Bella. Thanks, Matt
Review - Bella is a gorgeous young lady. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable around her. She is brilliant, sexy, sweet & in short, totally fabulous. I will be back to see her. Leroy
Review - Bella was a great first-time party. I wasn't even there for myself, but her beauty, poise, and captivating presence made it impossible for me to go away without spending time with her. She is so sexy, Intelligent, and very attentive. I defiantly will be back to party with Bella. Jason 2021-10-07
Review - Bella is a sexy lady, and she's easy to talk to, and we had a great time. Rich 2021-07-21
Review - I saw Bella again. Another incredible time. Rich 2021-09-30
Review - Bella is so fantastic.  Intelligent, pretty, and oh, so sexy. My plans fell thru the other night for another party, and I was so lucky to meet Bella. The negotiations were quick and honest, and the next thing I knew, I was off to the best "First" party that I have ever had. She is definitely in the right line of work. We immediately connected, and she knew how to please me like we had been together many times before. I can't wait for round two! You're missing out if you don't give Bella a try. Donnie 2021-08-19