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Review - Betty is such a great person that doesn't seem to exist today. I had the time of my life!
2020-04-27 The truck driver 
Review -I literally stopped into the Ranch to pick up a hoodie as a gift. While having a couple of drinks, I got to meet Betty. While my experience with her is only drinks and conversation, she is an amazing person. Well read, intelligent, and delightfully playful, Betty makes you feel like your the only one in the room. For those into geek culture, she understands the meaning of "42".
Review - I'd never met Betty in person until last week. My loss. Within moments of sitting down with her, I felt like I'd found an old friend with whom I could share serious discussion, silly stories, and well, we'll leave the rest to the imagination. She's such a pretty person, inside and out, and she'll stay with me for a long time.
Review - Betty is bombshell straight out of a fantasy and in every way possible. She's gorgeous, sexy, and a hell of a loveable person. Meeting her should be on your to-do list for Nevada.
Review - I'm at the point in my life where getting off with a condom is never easy. Betty got me off twice, which was a very pleasant surprise. Betty made the whole encounter feel "real" in a way that it would be nice to get used to.
Review - Betty really seemed enthusiastic and seemed excited to be with me. I loved every time she moaned and touched me. It seemed unreal to me. She told me I was really good, but I don't know how true that was since it was my first time. I'm glad I lost my virginity to her.
Paul 2019-08-21
Review - It was great to hear that Betty Page had joined the other wonderful ladies of Mustang Ranch. I couldn't wait to see her - Incredible beauty and a great sense of humor, and an unmatched sensuality. Our bedroom time was unbelievable! Her amazing body, beautiful eyes, and smile made for unmatched passion!  I melted under her kisses! Her skills as a courtesan are unparalleled. A party with Miss Betty Page should not be missed!
Review - I partied with Betty Page a few days ago and really had a good time with her.  A lot of fun to be with, she really cares about making sure you have a good time with her.
Highly recommended, you need to party with this lady.
Johann 2019-08-18
Review - I had the pleasure of partying with Betty yesterday, and oh what a party it was. I had seen one time before at a different brothel, but this time Betty really brought the heat and lived up to her name! She truly gave me a working over, the kind that I've never had before. Thank you so much for a great time Betty. I'll be back for many more rides with you.
Johnny 2019-08-14






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