Review - I had one of the greatest experiences at the Ranch with Caprice. She was sitting at the bar, and we had a great conversation before she gave me the tour of the facility.  Caprice is a great conversationalist, and she listened and told me about herself that I felt at ease like being with someone I've known for a long time. After a shower with her and seeing her beautiful tats on her body, it was memorizing. I instantly came back to party with her the next night. I plan on future parties anytime shes back at the ranch.
Casey 2019-03-30
Review - I've been coming to the Mustang for 25 years. Caprice is incredible and a 10 when you meet her in person. Her combination of beauty, personality, intelligence, and is rare, and she is in the top 2% of all the girls you'll meet. She is so captivating and made me feel so comfortable, taking her time with everything. In bed, WOW! She really knows how to please! You'll be hard pressed to find a better experience.
G 2019-04-16
Review - I had hands down the best night of my life with Caprice last night! I was super nervous, but she helped me get over it real quick. She is hands down the coolest person I've ever met in my life, and I was sad when it was all over. We laughed and listened to music and mostly just talked the night away, she’s drop dead gorgeous, and a sparkling conversationalist and I will cherish our time together forever. I'll definitely be back, even if only to have a conversation.
Wade 2019-04-14
Review - I just left the Mustang after an amazing party with Caprice. First I have to say how gorgeous this woman is in person. She stopped me in my tracks when I first got an eyeful. She made me feel very special, and took her time with me. I was nervous at first but her caring nature put me immediately at ease, and our time together was very special. I will be back. Thank you, sweetheart, for the amazing experience.
J 2019-03-27