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Review #1 - Very pretty face. Small nose and large hazel irises. Guaranteed a good time with this energetic, sweet "21-year-old GFE." Perfect natural perky breasts with cleavage to spare. Butt is now even better than in the pictures. Good with threesomes and she has a nice pink vibrator which she can enjoy for you?
Peter 2017-02-08

Review #2 - I came into the ranch on a whim. I was traveling west and thought it might be an interesting experience. I hadn't really seen anyone that I was interested in though when Charlotte approached me and introduced herself. She is absolutely gorgeous, 100% my type, very easy to talk to and a very charming young woman. I walked in intending just to get something simple and fast but felt compelled to go with a GFE with her. It was a truly amazing experience; I felt the kind of affection I hadn't felt in a long time, everything from just making small talk about music and towns named after gladiators haha, to her truly passionate warmth, made me feel like a better man. I realized what I really need, and I'm going to carry a great memory from my time with her. I only wish I didn't have to leave and keep moving; I would have loved to party with her again. If you read this Charlotte, thank you, it was a true pleasure.
Jesse 2016-10-23

Review #3 -
Charlotte is so beautiful and sexy. A petite woman in her early 20s who like to explore and try out new experiences just to please her companion. Definitely a great girl worth going back for!
Want to be pleased 2016-07-16


Review #4 - On a whim, I decided to make the trek to the Ranch from the Bay Area. I almost turned around because of the snowfall and chain controls through the summit of the Sierra Nevada but was glad I pushed through. Perusing the various profiles on the website, I had a particular courtesan in mind... but when I arrived at the bar, Charlotte immediately caught my eye, and all that profile browsing went out the door. Charlotte is way more beautiful in person than her pictures. She had perfect white skin, long flowing dark red hair, and the most beautiful face, reminding me of Jena Malone and Jennifer Love Hewitt (in her prime - e.g., The movie Can't Hardly Wait). She gave me the tour of the Ranch and came across as very eloquent and mature, despite her youth. I skipped the lineup and hanging out at the bar more, and immediately booked a GFE party with Charlotte, in one of the themed suites. She is a very sensual, sweet, caring person, who is very uniquely and highly skilled, in ways I had never experienced or felt before. Without getting too detailed, Charlotte has a unique approach to certain things that add a visual experience that is unparalleled. I would definitely party with Charlotte again when I come back to the Mustang.
The Attorney 2016-01-17

Review #5 -
Charlotte gave me a tour my first time at the ranch, and I can't stop thinking about her since.
jkyin 2016-01-04


Review #6 -
It was lovely spending time with Charlotte, both physically and just chatting. She's intelligent and very engaging. Highly recommended. I wish you all the best.
Michael 2015-07-15

Review #7 - Well to start off she is really nice, and she is such a good listener, and a gent does not tell ....... THANK GOD I AM NOT A GENT, but she was super kinky she gave me a great time, and she was so giving and soo fucking kinky and she let me have some of the best time I have had in my life!
Chris 2015-03-11

Review #8 -
She is amazing!!!!!! I really liked her when we were at the bar area. She was very sweet nice and made me feel really comfortable, and the SEX all I need is one word INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
Jhon dow 2014-05-03