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Review - Jasper is an AMAZING woman with an amazing body. She has a wonderful smile and personality. That ass of hers, OMG, it looks so good when I was taking it from behind. She is the best by far the best girl I’ve seen at the ranch. I will definitely see her again.
Steve 2020-02-21
Review - Jasper has extremely soft skin and a beautiful face and a body that you could hold all day and night without getting tired.
Also, she knows what to do on top of the bed.
Thanks for the GREAT morning roll in the hay.
Rich 2020-02-13
Review - There is no other way to describe Jasper other than incredible our time together was brief because I had already partied with another girl, but after meeting Jasper, I knew I had to spend some time with her she gave me the most erotic party, and it was an experience that I will not forget. She knows how to please, and she has an amazing personality that put you right at ease next time I visit the ranch I will definitely spend time partying with her again, and next time it will be much longer. I recommend her to anyone 
She also has a rocking body. Love you Jasper can’t wait to see you again.
Hairy Palm 2019-01-13
Review - Had a party with Jasper on NYE.  What a fun, energetic, and affectionate lady.  Not to mention the killer body and excellent skills in bed!
Probe 2018-12-31
Review - I was fortunate enough to spend NYE with Jasper, and knew from the beginning it would be a night to remember.  Exceeded every expectation, and planning the return trip already.
R 2019-01-1
Review - I had a wonderful date with Jasper today.  She is beautiful and such a sweet girl!  Can't wait to come back!
Jim 2018-12-29
Review - Wow! So I met Jasper last night, and I'm still thinking about her this morning. She is super sexy, sweet, fun and witty; I had a fantastic time! Can't wait to see her again, may be my  Christmas present ;)
S 2018-12-22
Review -This girl blows the mind. Saw her at the bar with her legs up on the table and knew.I wanted her. She was great in bed — so much energy. I'll definitely be seeing her again. And her pics on the website are deceptive. She looks a lot better than her pics in person, especially with her sexy outfit than in the pictures. Waiting for her next trip to the ranch and hoping the weather is good for another rendezvous with this vixen.
D 2018-12-10
Review - I just recently had quite the adventure out at the Mustang Ranch. One of my evenings was spent with this beautiful young lady Jasper. Wow, this is the girl you couldn't get in high school or college. A fantasy come true. She was sweet and tender and horny too!  Everything you could want in a gorgeous young lady. I wanted to take the time to give her my thanks for taking part in my sexual awakening! Thanks you so much honey.
Gary 2018-08-26
Review - Jasper is a very cool girl. Looks exactly like her profile picture. Definitely will get her again.
K 2018-07-01
Review - Jasper was absolutely awesome to be with. She catered to my every whim and needs without rushing things if you know what I mean. She is in great shape and aims to please. Great head! 
Doug the Dog Man 2018-06-11
Review - Jasper is like a beautiful angel with a devilish touch. Such lovely eyes and face.  She has the smoothest skin and tightest body. So incredibly sweet and wanting to please. What a time. An absolute angel.
Gavin 2018-05-22
Review - Jasper was awesome. Not only is she beautiful but she has the softest skin I have ever felt. She made all my fantasies (and then some) come true!
D-money 2017-06-03
Review - Jasper is AMAZING!!! Very beautiful, very talented, professional and did I mention beautiful? Can't wait to see her again.
Andy 2017-05-27
Review - Warm, soft, sensual, makes you feel alive again....incredible!
You Know Me 2017-05-26
Review - Jasper is one of the hottest and wildest girls I've partied with at the Mustang. She knows how to treat a guy in bed. I would love to party with her when I'm at the ranch again.
Rob 2017-04-28
Review - All I can say is wow!!! This was my very first time, and I was not disappointed. From the moment Jasper walked out for the lineup, the way she carries herself caught my eye. She is certainly one of the most beautiful girls at the ranch and was as amazing to party with as she is stunning to look at. What a blast this adventurous girl is. If I ever have the chance to come back, I'll be asking for Jasper!!!
Joe 2017-04-25
Review - Rockin good time. Made me feel like she enjoyed it. Who knows maybe she did. I know I did!
Taz 2017-04-21
Review - Excellent service!!! Immaculate, look forward to seeing you again this summer!
ED S. 2017-03-15
Review - Beautiful, incredibly sexy, fun, energetic, an all-around wild time. Oh yeah, that ass though!!!
Pedro 2017-03-12
Review - Another visit with Jasper, and another amazing time. She really is beyond description beautiful, fun, funny, interesting, enticing, and a great dancer! I'm counting the days until my next visit.
122west 2016-11-16
Review - Even though it was my first time, Jasper didn't mind at all. In fact, just her talking to me helped calm down my nervousness. She was very patient and helpful. She was very energetic, so I had a great experience and learned a lot. Thx Jasper. I look forward to seeing you again.
Jon 2016-10-07
Review - Jasper is just amazing. She looks way cuter than in the pics. I was a bit nervous visiting a brothel, but she did take very good care of me. I will definitely meet her again
Praveen 2016-09-19
Review - I had a booking with Carrera who had to leave. The Madam suggested I meet Jasper and it was a great suggestion. Jasper is a gorgeous woman who took the time and energy to fulfill what I wanted. She pampered me with her beautiful body and energy. My time with Jasper was way better than I expected. I would see her again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Jasper, for a great time!!
Ron 2016-09-17
Review - A wonderful and energetic lady who is a blast to be around, if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her I highly recommend you visit her, she made my night, so why not let her make yours?
Kyle 2016-09-03
Review - Loved how she pleases and teases. I definitely recommend her to others.
Tim 2016-08-27
Review - Jasper is AMAZING! Incredibly beautiful, incredibly fun, incredibly sexy. Her eyes and her smile will melt you, and the rest of her will melt you too! She is great to talk with and fun to be around. Jasper made me comfortable right away, and she delivered a wonderful experience that I will never forget. She is so many things --- sweet and caring, playful and fun, passionate and romantic. My time with Jasper went by too quickly, and now I can't wait for my next party with her!
122west 2016-08-26
Review - Wow, what can I say this lady is incredible totally sensual with a great personality. I can't wait to meet her again it was an incredible time spent with her.
Lonely trucker 2016-06-27
Review - Guys, first and foremost, as good as Jasper's pics look, she is even cuter in person. If you've ever experienced the opposite, this is a real bonus. She is easy to talk to, giving of herself and seems to want to make your experience top notch truly. If Jasper is in the house, don't fail to party with her; she is well worth it!
J. Sterling Lee 2016-06-25
Review - WOW!! Jasper's photos are beautiful. However, they do not do her justice. She is absolutely gorgeous. Not only gorgeous physically but mentally also. It was very easy and pleasant talk with her between sex sessions. She is energetic and bubbly. I have been coming to the ranch for over ten years, and Jasper has quickly gone to the top of my favorites list.
Golfer 2016-06-21
Review - My first visit to the Ranch and a true pleasure! Had a great time with Jasper, she charmed me with her smile and sensuality. She was so fun to be with and made it an amazing experience! I would love to spend time with her again.
Mr. K 2016-05-30
Review - Great girl with an amazing attitude. Nothing but smiles from start to finish and oh what a smile it was. I would steal her away for my self if I could, but hands down an all-around amazing experience with a total babe.
Julian 2016-05-23
Review - Jasper, as I have said to her many times during our hot and fun time together, is AMAZING! She makes it fun, relaxing and very sensual. A beautiful booty that I couldn't keep my hands off. I'll definitely be back to continue where I left off.
John 2016-05-14
Review - WOW! Been there three times. Jasper is by far the most fun I've had yet. Crazy, sexy, beautiful, and oh that ass!
Bronco 2016-05-13
Review - Jasper was a complete pleasure to be with, her beautiful smile and personality were amazing!!! I'm really looking forward to spending more good times with her!
Joe 2016-05-10
Review - I partied with Jasper tonight. This young lady will take you places you never imagined existed. If you treat her with the respect, she deserves you will be richly rewarded. She is very in tuned to her partner's needs and wants. If she senses you want passion, she is passionate beyond belief. When she senses you want to go slow, she is warm, cuddling, loving and romantic. She can be playful. She likes to tease and likes being teased. Don't let the blond hair fool you. She is highly intellectual and inquisitive. She wants to learn, but she can teach you a lot. If you take the time to get to know her, you will find that she is a real caring, loving person. A special person.
Patrick 2016-04-17
Review - Jasper is absolutely ravishing. Fun, energetic, and very sexy. If I had to do life all over again, Jasper would be exactly the type of lady I would look for. She knows how to make every moment count. She made me feel special. I would love to spend more time with her. There's always tomorrow, let's do lunch!
OldMan63 2016-04-13
Review - My thoughts on this woman named Jasper: Charming, playful, cute yet sexy, soft and cuddly with an undercurrent of a fiery, wild, sensual, sultry and yet smart girl who made my knees weak, my brain turns to mush and my mouth dry! Jasper is my dream fantasy of a sweet, neighbor girl type wrapped up in this awesome petite bundle of sexy, energetic fun! Thank you, Mustang Ranch for hiring Jasper! This is one fine girl who rocked this old man's world! Get in line, Boys, and Girls!
Grandpa 2016-04-11
Review - Thanks for a great time, sorry my performance was poor You were great I really enjoyed our time together. My friends were jealous that you were not with you. I can't wait to see you again I would highly recommend you to anyone who visits the Mustang Ranch I liked the way you danced on the pole and my lap very sexy.
Nye Tognoni 2016-04-09
Review - Absolutely beautiful! Perfect body, angelic face with eyes that hypnotize and lips you want just to ravish! Silky smooth inside and out. Will definitely see again.
J73 2016-04-05
Review - Wow and double wow. I treated myself to a fun afternoon with Jasper in one of the suites and wow was it worth it. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, her pictures hardly do her justice, but she's also fun to hang with. Would I see her again? Yes!!!
Dan from Tahoe 2016-03-29
Review - I was a first-time visitor when I, fortunately, met Jasper. She calmed me down and eased my nervousness. She is gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and you will be very fortunate if you are lucky enough to spend time with her.
Scott 2016-03-03
Review - She is absolutely beautiful. Jasper helped me relax from a busy day, as well as being my first time in the building. Sweet, passionate and very sexy. A true pleasure to be around.
Mike 2016-02-14
Review - She is one of the sexiest women; she had me turned on within minutes and a mind-blowing time followed. I will never forget the time we had together!!!!! I'm hoping to see her again soon, Worth every dollar... Uh, yeah This was one of my best sexual encounters ever. ...
Reno89502 2016-02-14
Review - Jasper has a very nice energy about her, and she is decidedly alluring with her stunning dimensions... She makes an effort to please and take care of her client's needs...Add to this that she truly has a pretty face, with a smile and eyes that could stop a train...
Michael 2016-02-12
Review -Jasper was very fun and sweet very fun to talk to and very good at her profession. Was very pleased and definitely going to come back for another hangout session. Thanks Jasper for a great time.
Eric 2016-02-10
Review - Sweet and super sexy girl. I had a great time with her. It was a delightful and pleasurable experience.
Jake 2016-01-11
Review - What a wonderful moment I had with her. Best experience.
XYZ 2015-12-26