Name: Serena
Bust: 34B
Waist: 25
Hips: 34
Height: 5”2
Turn-Ons: Blowing in my ear, gently pulling my hair, kissing my neck, smelling good.
Favorite Position: I like laying sideways and doing the scissor position, or doggy and being on top.
GFE: The Girlfriend Experience is the best because we can get more intimate and get to know each other better. I prefer to have more time so we can explore each other’s bodies and get the full experience. Whenever possible, I love out dates and going on adventures.
Recipe To My Heart: Be kind, generous, funny, considerate, non-judgmental, reliable, adventurous, and love animals.
What Makes Me Smile: Animals, nature, going on trips, excellent restaurants, shopping.
My Wishlist: I love flowers and gift cards to Sephora, Lulu Lemon, Amazon, or Victoria’s Secret. I love lingerie from Honey Birdette. I also love designer purses, watches and shoes! I wear size six shoes, and by the way and I’m a size small in lingerie. xoxoxo




Review - I was so surprised when I initially emailed several of the ladies at the MR. Serena's response was prompt, and we maintained communication as the dates in January for my time in Reno got closer. Our emails back and forth, I believe, helped us both know what to expect as being respectful and "appropriately mutually satisfying." I think we were both somewhat nervous, and as I walked in and first laid eyes, wow. The eyes are the window of the soul, and Serena's eyes are so captivating that you "almost" don't notice the rest of her obvious beauty. Serena is both physical beauty and deeply caring, thoughtful, and "reads" non-verbal communication to the nth degree. Serena, I can't thank you enough for the unbelievable time together as you rocked my world more than I could imagine. I am so hoping I can get back this summer, and I know I'll be coming back again the same time next year. Peace to you, "Miss Serena...petite, discreet, and so sensually sweet."
Geyser Soze
Review - I can’t say enough good things about Serena!  She’s an absolute sweetheart, which makes for a great all-around experience. She’s all about you, and she makes sure you leave happy ;) I will definitely be coming back to visit her again!
Matt 2020-01-25
Review - When I first saw Serena, I was attracted by her warm smile. She is very attractive, personable, and comfortable to be with. She is honest and forthright and a sexy lover.  Her gentleness and warmth left me breathless. Our conversation was a pleasure, as well.  My experience in sharing her company was truly delightful.
John   2019-12-03
Review - Serena - You are one of the most beautiful ladies I could have ever imagined crossing my life path. Your eyes are your greatest attribute, telling a story of gentle kindness, internal happiness, and unconditional love. You have really touched my heart in so many ways.

Please remember you’re beautiful and an angel to this world. I hope you never forget these words. May God bless you today and in the future more abundantly than you could ever ask or think possible.
Doctor N     2019-11-02
Review - Serena - thank you for taking such good care of me last night, you are without question the sexiest women I have ever experienced. Your body is absolutely amazing. Thank you for being so real and loving, you’re truly special and a gift to this world. I can’t wait to see you again. Love You
C  2019-11-4
Review - Serena was an absolute joy to be with! A very fun, nice, and lovable person that is easy to talk to. We talked for a bit, and she helped me forget about my daily troubles for a bit, and we went to the back to negotiate. After that, we went to the room and got down to business in one of the hottest ways I've ever had with great breasts and a nice ass, an absolutely gorgeous woman. Thanks for a great time.
Joel 2019-10-25
Review - Serena is a smart, beautiful lady that is an absolute pleasure to be with. Hope to see you soon.
H 2019-07-24
Review - Serena is a Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Sexy, Fun Lady!  Natural Breasts with sensitive perky nipples. Work Out, abs! Gorgeous Tushy!  Wonderful Happy Girl! Hope to see you soon, sweetie!
S 2019-07-03
Review - Serena was great, beautiful, and majestic highly recommended.
G 2019-05-29
Review - Thank you so much, Serena! I had a Great time yesterday, and your hair makes you look really Hot!
T 2019-01-31
Review - I had a great party with Serena the other night. Thank you so much love. You really made my night. I'll be back soon to give you some more of my love.
Rodger 2018-09-02
Review - Serena is so lovable and nice. She really put me at ease as soon as we started talking. It was my first time at The Mustang Ranch and I was a little nervous. We had a drink or two to calm my nerves and then Serena took on a tour. We negotiated and then we went back to her room where she proceeded to get down to business in the sexiest and hottest way that I've ever had. Thank you babe!
Burt 2018-09-01