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Review - I sent Tiana a message through the website after seeing her photos. She and I communicated for a few weeks and were able to agree on a schedule to meet in person. I walked in, explained I had a set meeting with Tiana, and she was just 15 feet away. She walked right over and let me tell you, the photos on this website were as advertised. Seriously THE most perfect body and her face...WOW. Just gorgeous from head to toe. We emailed back and forth about what I wanted out of my visit, and we agreed to a threesome. Tiana asked me to trust the girl that would join us, and I did. In comes Morgan and wow, two beautiful women to enjoy. Tiana and I negotiated quite quickly, and off we went. The three of us enjoyed a cocktail in the lounge and then went to Tiana's room. All I can say is, the threesome box has been checked, and it was an absolutely pure delight from both women. Just amazing. Will I come back? Yes. I want someone one on one time now with Tiana for sure. 
After we had our "fun," I said goodbye to Morgan and thanked her for such a wonderful time. Tiana and I went back to the lounge for a couple more cocktails (well, I had two). We sat, talked, and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. Tiana was never pushy or wanting to cut our time short. Every penny spent was an investment of an experience of a lifetime. And for that, I will always remember my time at the ranch. Thank you, Tiana, you are a beautiful, sexy, loving, and confident woman. Keep doing that :) Until next time.
Robert 2019-01-15


Review - Tiana is absolutely Beautiful! Brazil, accent, your body, your conversation, all make you most desirable to me. I look forward to meeting up with you, privately, sometime in the near future. It was such a pleasant experience speaking with you. You are the perfect example of the type of woman I think about frequently. I hope to learn when you might be available so that I could buy you and I either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thanks again for the wonderful “meet and greet” experience. You did make me at ease and comfortable. Have a great evening or day, depending on when you read this. You will be in my thoughts for a future meeting.

Dave 2019-04-14 D
Review - Tiana is the ultimate experience at the mustang ranch. She is very beautiful!! on the inside and out. Her amazing smile, her curves, will make you happy, she’ doesn’t rush the party.
I am looking forward to being with her again.
Mike 2019-04-02
Review - Tiana is so beautiful! She has a  sexy accent, and I had an amazing time with her, I will be back again to spend the night with her, I couldn’t get enough of her sexiness ...She is so much fun! 
 Tiana, you are the best! 
Robert W. 2018-12-05
Review - I had a very nice and enjoyable time with this woman the other evening. We talked about several things amongst each other, and she made it easy to talk with her. I had several different positions with her in which both she and I loved. I could also stare into her eyes all day cause of how beautiful they are. I would very much like to see her again.
Mateus 2018-11-4 
Review - Tiana is a beauty; she truly is the real deal, the Best time I ever had there! Thanks, gorgeous  Brazilian beauty. I can’t wait to be with you again!
John  R. 2018-10-27
Review - Guys do yourself a favor and go see this beautiful lady.  She has a smoking hot body and a great attitude. I know I'll be going back! 
S 2018-10-18
Review - I had the good pleasure to be with Tirana recently; she is by far and away, the most strikingly beautiful women I've ever seen.she is quite incredibly talented and pleasing, I will have to go back.
The cabinet maker 2018-08-15
Review - I was with Tiana this last week and boy did she rock my world. Thank God she was there for me as I was nervous as could be and I really needed someone to calm my nerves and get me in the mood. She did just that and I'm forever grateful for her kind spirit and loving personality. Thank you Tiana. I'm coming back soon.
Roger 2018-11-18


Review - Tiana, she was horny and I liked it. I fucked her till my vision turned red.
D 2018-08-27