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Review - Tori is one sexy lady I made a trip to Reno just to see her; she's even prettier in person than the photos on the site the first party was so good that I partied with her a second time that same week I highly recommend that you see her she's awesome.  Thanks, Tori for a great time
Jeff 2019-12-11
Review - She is the most beautiful woman in I’ve had the pleasure to lay my eyes on & I can’t wait to have Tori over & over.
Review - Tori is just plain all-around fantastic.
Bob 2019-11-02
Review - Tori makes me happy.  The thought of us going at it like two angry beavers fighting over a log, makes me smile.  Sorry, I didn't make it back to say goodbye, all is ok!  
F 2019-10-07  
Review - Anyone that has paid attention to my reviews here and on the mustang forum can see I think pretty highly of this lady. It doesn't matter what side of the green door we are on Tori is plain awesome; she let me experience her magic again last Saturday. I was and am still very happy and satisfied. I can't wait for our next experience together.
2019-10-05 Chuck Chaser
Review - There aren't enough positive things to say about Tori and the time we spent together. Tori gave me what every LPIN party should be! First of all, Tori is very beautiful and has a perfect natural body. "Natural" completely describes every moment and everything that we did during the too short time that we spent together. Absolutely the perfect "girlfriend experience." Thank you, Tori! My new ATF.
Review - As I left the ranch after the party with Tori, I knew I had just had the ultimate sexual experience. Days later, I am still thinking the same way but much more than just a sexual encounter.  Forget the sex, and it was still a great time just being with Tori.
Hope this beautiful, insatiable, intelligent, fun, woman sticks around for a while cause there are things a guy needs and I need another party with Tori.
L.R.   2019-06-15
Review - Twice more behind the green door for a soul fulfilling experiences.  Miss you, baby.  
Frisco 2019-05-09
Review - I got to have the Tori experience again Tuesday evening. Same as always with Tori had a completely unbelievable party. Tori makes every experience wonderful. From the time she walks out into the bar, the negotiation, the D.C., of course, the party all is perfect exceptional, and this woman is absolutely beautiful. Thanks, Tori can't wait to see you again.
Chucker Chaser 2019-03-19
Review - Two days, two parties, too much fun!  All I can say is this sexy lady always fulfills my wants, desires, and needs. To be tangled up like a pretzel, staring into each other's eyes, lost in a world somewhere between reality and fantasy....mmmm!  Thank you, my gorgeous lady, you are always in my mind.  
2019-02-04. Frisco
Review - Made an appointment to be with Tori on January 4th. I got to the Mustang early and talked with Coco until Tori came out. As always the Mustang was full of sweet, beautiful ladies. Tori came out wearing a new black dress that sparkled all over. Shoes to match and a new necklace and earrings along with her bracelets. She looked amazing so classy I would have liked to take her out on the town for the night.
Once behind the green door. Simple negotiations Tori is so easy to talk to and joke around with she makes the negotiations actually relaxing. In her room, we did the customary mouth wash and shower. Then we started our party. Wow, words can't describe how good it was. Tori is absolutely beautiful but beyond that just amazing. She is so easy to talk to and laugh with everything just keeps getting better. As the party ended, I was very fulfilled. Thanks a million, Tori can't wait until our next Rendezvous.
2019-01-19 Chuck Chaser
Review - Another trip up to the Reno area.  Bay Area air quality was REALLY bad due to the Campfire so was a good chance to get some fresh air, do a little gambling, and of course see all the pretty ladies working in the area.
Headed to Mustang to be my normal "fly on the wall."  I'm generally shy and just watch the beautiful ladies.  Canela Cummings came by, and we talked a bit catching up since she used to work at another house.  Heard Canela sing during Karaoke at another house and boy she does Whitney Houston "Saving my love" REALLY AWESOME.  What a beautiful voice.
Watching all the pretty ladies when the beautiful, tall brunette Tori walks in.  She saunters over, and we catch up on things.  I was a little tired, and since I was going to be in town till Thanksgiving, I said I'll be back another time.  Well.. the other time, the next night, came...  She walks in with this lovely black dress showing her beautiful figure, we make eye contact, and she walks towards me in a sexy, sultry walk.  She gets to 5 feet away,   this guy sitting at the bar talking with another lady. JUMPS out of his bar stool and grabs her hand.  I can see her trying to pull away towards me, making eye contact with a shocked look on her face.  I return the eye contact, and I laugh... He pulls her away with no hesitation...   behind the green door...   never to be seen again.   DARN IT..  haha  :-)
Back the next night. And Tori walks in with this beautiful Red dress.  This time we get to talk a bit..  haha..  and of course after a little catch-up, we end up behind the green door.   We've partied before, and I wanted more time with this beautiful lady so settled on 1.5 hours.   What can I say She has the softest skin, long legs, beautiful hourglass figure, and one of the prettiest faces in LPIN.  Details will always be between the two of us, but I had a fantastic time and hoped she also did.
Tori - Thank you again for a wonderful party.  This was the third party I've had with Tori and hope for many more in the future.
Ladies and gentleman - looking for a wonderful sophisticated, sensual lady.  STOP..  look no further.  Tori is the one.
D 2018-11-24
Review - I have had three parties with Tori the first two I thought I had the ultimate party a guy could have with a lady. This last party totally knocked it out of the park. Tori is amazing I can't wait for my next adventure with this lady.  My only regret is the morning I met Tori I walked out and did not party with her. That morning is the sexiest of memories.
 Chucker Chaser 2018-10-28


Review - My husband and I had the pleasure of being with Tori and are already looking forward to the next time. She is  GORGEOUS! Very smart, relaxed and FUN to hang out with before, during, and after. She was respectful, attentive and incredibly sensual and hot. Highly recommend a party with her. 
T 2018-10-25
Review - Two parties in two days with the magnificent Tori was just what I needed.  Always fun to be around, great conversation, and a perfect time in the bedroom with her smoking hot body.  I love every square inch of her body, and given enough time would like to try and kiss it all.   Thank you for always wanting to spend time with me, you are a special person, and I love feeding you dinner after every party.  Until next time, I'll be missing you!   
Walking in Memphis 2018-10-22
Review - Thinking of your sexy hot body next to mine has dominated my thoughts.  I had to return to see you again.  After a great conversation, quick negotiations, and mouthwash shooters, we were back at it.  So hard to keep my hands off you Tori, we were like two sex starved people truly lost in each other for a moment in time, pure ecstasy!  I had such a great time, I showed up the next day....lather, rinse, and repeat!  Until the next time, I am thinking of you.  
Frisco 2018-05-08
Review - Tori, you are the most beautiful woman I've have ever been with.  So sweet, kind, soft and your curves drive me wild. I had a great time with you. I'll be back.
Ken 2018-07-01
Review - Tori is one of a kind! Someone very special.
G 2018-06-29
Review - Finally had a chance to go behind the door with Tori.  After a quick shower and mouthwash shooters, lol, I slowly undressed her, stopping at every soft curve to kiss and admire her perfect form.  My gosh, what a sexy body this woman has.  It didn't take long to be tangled up, lost in each other's slow and sensual rhythm.  Then the excitement of being with each other for the first time kicked in...a raw an primal instinct that took over....two people in pure bliss, unexpected pleasures waiting around each corner of our passion.  My mind is still spinning,  fantasizing about what the next time will be like. Thank you, Tori, you are an amazing lady, whose hot sexy mind and body, rocked my world.  See you in my dreams baby.  
Frisco 4-16-18


Review - Tori is really something special. She’s a little bit shy and quiet, so if you’re also a little shy and nervous about visiting a brothel, she’s the perfect lady to sit and chat with to ease into the experience. And she’s a whole lot of gorgeous and sexy, so when you’re ready for action, she’s the one you’ll want to party with. Tori is a genuinely beautiful person, inside and out. So any time you spend with her, you’ll be extremely glad you did.  

Shutterbug 2018-04-28


Review - Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting to know the lovely Tori, and what a wonderful and engaging woman she is. Beautiful and genuine, she made the Girlfriend Experience a Girlfriend Fantasy. Guys, this stunner puts the sexy in sex and is worth a special trip. I know I will be back for more!
David 2018-01-19
Review - What can I say that has not already been said about the beautiful Tori. We spoke via the forum, and she sounded like a wonderful person. Saw her last time but never got a chance to talk with her and was kicking myself for missing out. Well, I made it up to myself this time and made a trip up and was hoping to see the lovely Tori. Was talking to another lady and there was this pretty lady in jeans and heels. Like what others have said, she's a very pretty lady that has beautiful features similar to Tina Fey and Sarah Palin. We talked a little and what a wonderful lady. Then we went behind the green door for negotiations which were quick then off to the party we went. What a beautiful lady. Man those jeans were tight to get off.. haha. Party details will be private, but I had a wonderful time. She has an interesting thing she does during the party that was really cute. Tori, thank you for a wonderful time, and I hope to see you again in the future.
Jake 2017-11-27
Review - Just had the most amazing time with Tori, she is definitely a lady she made my experience the greatest I hope I can come see her again. I'm in my hotel room, and all I can think of is her........ stunning thanks for making it an amazing time. I miss you and hope to see you soon.
Shaun The Canadian 2017-11-21
Review - Wow! What an amazing woman. We made eye contact right away, and I knew she was the one. She is the epitome of every man's highest fantasy. With Tori, you have a woman that you would be happy to bring home to mom. She is a perfect balance of style, wit, charm, and sophistication. The way her beautiful brown hair contrasts perfectly with her pale complexion is an aesthetic masterpiece. If that were not enough, she has a sex drive stronger than any dude I have ever met. Oh my God Tori, you make me wanna come back for so much more.
The Deplorable 2017-10-08
Review - My wife has commented more and more about women. Since we were in the area, I took her to the Ranch. I felt it was someplace safe and discreet. As the ladies introduced themselves, Tori caught my eye. And, as it turns out, she caught my wife's also. As my wife and I talked to Tori, I was thrilled that Tori was who my wife picked. She was kind and polite, well spoken and I felt calm about my wife walking down the hall with her. To be honest, I wondered if I might lose my lovely bride of 12 years. Our sex life had gone numb. When my wife came back to me, and we left, she didn't say much. But, Whatever happened with Tori positively influenced my wife. My wife talked a little about how she and Tori interacted and how they talked. I am thrilled with how it all turned out. Had we been in Reno any longer, I would have gone back to the Ranch and asked to spend time with Tori myself. Thank you, Tori, for whatever happened. I have my bride back. I cannot thank you enough. And I'd like to Thank the Mustang Ranch for providing a wonderful, safe place. Lovely women and a bar with really good drink prices.
Respectfully, Cliff B 2017-10-04
Review - The sexiest girl at the ranch. She could be drinking whole milk if she wanted to.
Jake 2017-08-26
Review - Had my first party with Tori and lost my mind. An hour later I couldn't resist another round with her. She is AWESOME !!!! She's new here, but the word will travel fast I'm sure. When the clothes came off, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Everything she did was great, and HOT, including bringing Rea with her for the second round. Totally AWESOME....... Looking forward to the next time.
Donnie 2017-08-23
Review - Tori is the ultimate "Girl Next Door." She has a smile that lights up the room. I've been a patron of the Wild Horse Ranch from the very beginning, nearly 15 years ago. Before that, I was a client of the original Mustang Ranch starting in 1977. This is the first time in all those years that I've felt inclined to write a review of one of the ladies that work there. The party I had a this last Tuesday evening with Tori was truly an "out of this world" experience! She made me feel like she was my girlfriend during the time we spent together. She has a beautiful face and a perfect body. I will be back to party again with her very soon. Thank you, Tori. See you soon.
Brian from Placerville 2017-08-22
Review - A very beautiful and skilled lady. Made my heart melt and knees weak.
Cory 2017-07-19