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August 10 -




Review - The overall experience is much different and better than the BunnyRanch. Meanwhile, I met JR and had a wonderful time. Sex, Jacuzzi, Shower, and Sex again. I loved her. She is super friendly and helpful.

Review - I went to see JR over Labor Day Weekend. I had played with her several times in the past, but because of COVID restrictions and the brothels being shut down for a while, It had been more than a year since we'd seen each other. She remembered me, remembered what we did, and was genuinely happy to see me. We talked and laughed and caught up like old friends. Then we spoke of our playdate. She worked with the budget I had, and we had great fun together. She has a sweet personality, a-rockin' body, and is very open-minded. I have a foot fetish that would embarrass Quentin Tarantino. She has gorgeous feet, by the way, and did everything I asked her to do. It was great fun. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give her an 11! I will definitely be back for more fun soon. You can't go wrong with JR Carrington. She is beautiful and sweet.

Review - I have visited JR twice in the last two months. She is incredible. First off, she is beautiful. More than that, though, she is beyond sexy. We've made some pretty athletic moves, and I've never been turned on. She is also very kind and easy to be around at all times. I wish I could spend every night with her.
C 2021-08-19

Review - I partied with JR recently, and it was indeed an amazing experience. I have not partied with her in a while, so it was nice to be with her again. She is so damn hot, sexy, fun, kind, and really knows how to get into role play. She made my time with her worth every second, and I cannot wait to be with her again.
Review - This was my second visit to the ranch, and JR was one of the few ladies I was hoping to meet. Lucky me, we did meet, and it was a great time from then on. I was never intimidated by the fact she was a porn star,  all because of the fact she was so nice and caring, and great conversation. We partied the whole night together, and it was a great experience. I promised I'd give her five stars so I'll give her five stars. I'd recommend her if you're looking to put a check on that bucket list of getting down and dirty with a porn legend. I am definitely looking to see her again.   
The Beast  2019- 09-15
Review - Wow.. just had an amazing time with JR. She really knows how to have fun and enjoy the moment. Beautiful girl, beautiful body, and don’t forget those lips mmmm the ones between her hips could drive a man insane. I am so glad we got to party, and am positive that she had just as good a time as I did. Can’t wait for my next visit, she will definitely be my choice of flavor.
Rico 2019-09-14
Review - Why did I wait so long for another round of sexercising with JR?  What a rock and roll fantasy we had. Sweet, caring, wild, and totally untamable raw passion.  She will leave you weak in the knees and turn you into jelly.  Thanks, baby, for taking great care of me again.  Addicted to love.  
F 2019-8-25
Review - I met JR on a Saturday during the early evening hours.   I was immediately taken back by her beauty and those eyes. Those eyes, those beautiful eyes of hers. She walked over and sat down and introduced herself, and she later named me The Pleaser.  She is sweet, wild, and innocent, all in one personality.   I recommend everyone to get to know JR; she truly is a woman that enjoys her profession.
M 2019-06-23
Review - JR is the real deal! She fucks like a pornstar and loves you like you’re her only man. What an amazing sexual experience.
T 2019-05-27
Review - Had a great time with JR, she throws a wild party that exceeded my wildest expectations.  Wonderful lady, she really took great care of me and made sure I had a good time.  Highly recommend you take the time to meet her, it will be time well spent if you do a party with her.

Johann 2018-5-10
Review - Everything I wanted and more.... thank you JR!
T 2019-04-20
Review - Wow! Wasn't looking for that bucket list porn star, but am glad I found JR.  She truly looks 10-15 years younger than she is but has the smarts and talents to make a memorable party.  Note to self:  Next time don't have an early morning flight to catch or miss it!!  Thanks again for our time and I'll be back.
JV 2019-04-18
Review - It was the best of nights. I had been looking forward to my trip to MR for two months and visiting the website to do my research on the ranch as well as the many beautiful women. It certainly built the excitement, but when I walked in, and JR  started to visit with me, all the research meant nothing. Only the attraction I felt for this beautiful lady mattered. I was very nervous (first timer ), but she let me know it was not only OK but expected. We had some champagne before taking a tour of the house. I could not help but think of the things I wanted to do with her in each room. She listened to what my fantasies were for the for my time at the MR and helped plan activities that filled my desires and fit my budget.
Words will not allow me to describe how energized I felt as I saw her beauty and felt her touch. She made me feel more alive than I have felt in years as we fell into each other’s embrace. A warm cuddle afterward and a nice dinner and I would have expected we were done, but instead, she helped me plan an adventure for the next night and brought over several girls so I could see who best to join our adventure.
Tonight approaches far too slowly, and the anticipation makes it hard to concentrate today. For now, I will simply say thanks for the adventure of a lifetime!
2019/03/11 Bad Boy
Review - J.R. was the first person to welcome me in and was very warm. Honestly the best experience I’ve had at the ranch. She was there to please, and she did over and over again. I highly recommend her!
S 2019-02-24
Review - JR jokingly told me to give her a 5 out of a 5-star review. Well, the only reason I’m giving her 5 stars is because 10 stars isn’t an option. One of JR’s greatest attributes, in addition to her classic California blond beach girl good looks, is she has that rare ability to make a man, any man, feel like he’s the most important and desirable man in the room. Whether it’s in the bar or in private, she makes you the center of all of her attention. I had a lot of fun just hanging out and chatting with JR in the bar; we talked each other’s ears off. During our conversation, she never once tried to rush things along or get pushy, which I appreciated. So as far as our party together went, all I can say is that it was in a word: incredible. I’m not one to “kiss and tell,” (kind of old school in that way); but seeing as this is a review… and people reading this are expecting a bit more detail. With that in mind, all I can add is this: just watch any of JR’s videos, and you will see what you are in for when you party with her. JR is living proof that  “life does truly imitate art”! 
K 2018-11-17
Review - JR was amazing I have partied with her several times, and there is no one like her. I can’t wait to be with her again she never disappoints she makes all the rest look like amatures I am so looking forward to our next party not only is the sex amazing but she always gives me great deals as well. I love JR Carrington.
Hairy Palm 2018-10-4 
Review - Sadly, I did NOT party with J.R., but I was able to enjoy her company all the same. J.R. is A LEGEND in the adult industry and never in my life did I think I would meet her. Not only was she pleasant to talk with, but she is down to Earth, absolutely gorgeous, and 100% sweetheart. I never got to discuss pricing with her and I fear a party with her is far out of my price range, but I would be happy to pay to sit and talk with her ANYTIME. Thank you, J.R., for a pleasant evening filled with laughs. I'll see you again soon. Kisses!!
Cory Beaulieu  2018-09-14
Review - JR is an incredible lady. It had been many years since I last visited. A very close family friend had never been to the Ranch before. While he was on a tour, I sat and talked with JR  for a while.  What a awesome time I had. Thank you, JR . 
Review - WOW!  I just partied with JR, and she is incredible.  She was all over me for the whole night and just would not quit.  I almost popped in the jacuzzi!!
T 2018-08-03
Review - I had a great time with JR. She really knows what she is doing and is so HOT!! It was a blast to go in the jacuzzi with her right as the sun was going down.  I really did not want to leave when the party was over. LOL
RJ   2018-06-12
Review - I had my second party with JR, and it was even more amazing than the first. Oh my god, are the only words I can say to express how incredible it was. I cannot believe how hot and sexy she is. We were gonna go for a dip in the hot tub, but it was closed, so we got into one of the suites. I am looking forward to partying with her again.
Lionheart 2018-02-01
Review - I visited the ranch for the very first time this week. I was very impressed with the overall professionalism and quality of this place and the woman here. I would have to say that JR was one of the best experiences of my life. Not every day you get to tango with a professional porn star. JR was very attentive, professional, accommodating, and thorough. She was very open and willing to do anything and everything to fulfill my fantasies. I would highly recommend JR to anyone! There is no limit to what JR will do to make you a happy man. I will be back JR! Thank you again!
Brad (Ying Yang Twins) 2018-01-29
Review - JR, you're definitely number one in my book. Santa Cruz,
Anonymous 2018-01-13
Review - This was my first time partying with anyone in 6 months. She is so amazing that the word amazing doesn't seem to be enough to describe her. She deserves more. When she approached me, she was very kind, patient, and HOT AS HELL OMG! She is very open-minded and willing, very easy to talk to and a great listener, but once we got started it got even better. She is a great kisser and knows how to get the party started. The time we spent in the Jacuzzi was the best I have ever experienced, and when we got back to the bedroom, we did everything, the only thing I can say is she is the best. I just wish I was able to spend more time with her. I can't wait to see her again.
Lionheart 2018-01-11
Review - JR Carrington is a beautiful woman and will take very good care of you. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone visiting.
Yogurt 2018-01-06


Review - I had the pleasure of spending an evening with JR. She is full of energy with a great personality loves a challenge. She is really easy to talk to and very electric. What a great person to party with I will be back for round two. Thanks for everything.
Beanmaster 2017-12-17
Review - JR was by far the best experience I've had on a visit. She's a great communicator through the introduction and negotiations and made me feel very comfortable within a minute or two. The sex was awesome; I played Tommy Lee she played Pamela! I'm a little older, and JR was my first porn star. I'll give her a 10 and tell her that I'll be back.
Scott 2017-11-13
Review - JR is awesome!! Amazing experience and she is so open-minded and fun and sweet!
Brian 2017-11-11


Review - JR Carrington is very friendly and made me feel very relaxed. She has a great sense of humor and is fun to be with. It was a very enjoyable time with a hot body, great sex, great mind, and person.
Frank Karsnak 2017-11-04
Review - I will be completely honest. I did not know who JR was when I meet this stunning blonde in the bar. She was 100% approachable and as we talked I found her to be a fun and beautiful person. We laughed and talked for awhile until we decided to party. I still had no clue of her fame till the real party started. WOW! I quickly found myself stuttering "how is that even possible?!!?". Gentleman, I guarantee this special lady will leave you with a smile that will last for years. After the party I asked Jr to remind me of her last name...imagine the next day when I decided to google her..I think my knees all but buckled!..just like they had the night beforehand.
Anonymous, Boston 2017-10-15
Review - Have you ever walked into a room and it was electric? When JR walks toward you with the charisma, beauty, grace, elegance, and sex appeal that you can only dream know you are in for something special. You are beautiful inside and out. You are a smart, intelligent, confident, caring, and compassionate woman who is a great listener and you are so worth getting to know. When all we really have is time to spend, I am glad I chose to share it with you. You are a precious gift that you have unselfishly shared with the world. Thank you for our time together. Did I mention, that she has a fantastically, ripped and toned body that will put most 20-year-olds to shame? JR is hotness through and through. I hope our paths will cross again, so we can laugh, talk, and go at it!
Addicted to Love 2017-09-21
Review - JR Carrington, you are awesome! She knows how to pleasure a Man. Beautiful! Perfect body! And very nice to talk too. I will be back.
Frank 2016-07-31
Review - She was hands down amazing, some of the best sex I ever had. She knows what she was doing.
Ray 2016-07-16
Review - I had one hour with JR. I told her I would pretty much just lay there and let her do all the work. While I was exaggerating, as I did more than just lay there, she did a bunch of work for that entire hour. Except for my recovery time between a long first session around-the-world and a second session, she was humping or bobbing or whatever it took. During recovery, she was kissing or enjoying my exploration. When I couldn't quite finish the second session, she took matters in hand until I did. Her kisses were divine. It felt like way more than an hour, and I was thoroughly satisfied by JR Carrington.
Midwest Firefighter 2016-07-12
Review - Met JR on a slow Tuesday evening if you're looking for a true PSE experience then this is the lady you are looking for.  She is captivating and sensual. Other reviewers have said she loves her job I'll disagree she loves making love and making sure you are completely happy when your time is over. This is an experience well worth repeating.
Don W 2016-06-14
Review - I had my second party with J.R., and despite almost a four-year gap between the two encounters, she not only remembered me but also gave me the best sex of my life. I say with no exaggeration that she is incredible and makes you feel special. She has unmatched passion and energy. You'll be completely blown away by her unforgettable charisma too. She has a wonderful smile and dazzling blue eyes. You'll lose yourself in them long before you even leave the bar. I've never had so much fun in my life. J.R. will give you the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to visit her again.
Cecil 2016-06-05
Review - The most awesome creature in this universe. So kind so loving and so giving!!! This was some of the best loving ever!!!
Onespur007 2016-06-05
Review - Had the most awesome time of my life!!!
80 Grit 2016-06-02
Review - This is an awesome lady. She has a great personality loves to laugh. She makes the experience even more exciting. She's a very beautiful lady. I loved my experience with her it was my first time there she showed me around, talked to me, made me feel at home, and very comfortable. I personally thank her from the bottom of my heart. Luv ya JR.
Leroy Gentry,( aka TM)
Review - This was my second time with JR; it was even better than the first. It was a slow Tuesday afternoon; I was lucky to find JR available. The party was mind-blowing, even better than my first visit which was unbelievable. JR is truly a one of a kind special lady. To the Mustang management, JR is definitely a great asset and a wonderful attraction for the Ranch.
Matt 2016-04-19
Review - Hot damn JR is super sexy. Friendly and approachable. She is fun and easy to talk to. Great conversation and a stunning body...oh... and the sex, well JR delivered top notch. We will bang again.
Josh (akaSilencedSun) 2016-03-06
Thank you thank you thank you JR for the most wonderful time. Besides your obvious beauty and skills, your personality has totally won me over. Will be sure to see you again.
Pete 2016-02-05
Review - Wow. It was my first time at a brothel, and I feel lucky to have been able to get with JR. She made me feel like a king. She did everything she agreed to do and more. JR is beautiful, considerate, kind, sexy, and very accommodating oh and did I mention sincere. I walked into the Mustang with probably 10 or more miscellaneous psychological disorders. Jr permanently removed at least 6 of them. Thank you, JR most sincerely.
Mark 2016-01-13
Review - I had no plans for New Years Eve 12/31/15, so I took a drive to Mustang. I checked in for the night and then went back to the main hub, where they were serving dinner. As I had my complimentary dinner, the only lady to say hello to me was JR. She was very pleasant to talk with and explained everything to me I needed to know as a first timer to the House. JR took me on a tour, and I found myself eager to spend more time with her! We agreed on a price, but she did not pressure me into doing right then, we went back out to the party and got to know each other better. When the time was right, we went back to her room and had the best time! When we finished, she didn't rush me out, we laid there and talked. JR is the best!
Frank 2015-12-31
Review - JR is everything you could hope for. She is sexy, smart, stunningly beautiful and has out of this world skills. Even if you are not the biggest VIP or high roller, she will treat you as such. Very accommodating, easy to talk to, she will treat you like a king. She is a wonderful lady, and if you have the opportunity to see her, you will not be disappointed.
Matt 2015-12-06
Review - JR... OMG... I can still taste you in my beard... It's fair to say that I've never been with quite such a hot and tight and.... fully endowed woman. And oh! She tastes so fine. But the lady herself? Kind, welcoming, understanding with my newbie lack of preparedness and major case of nerves. Did I say she maintains the lushest body I've ever enjoyed? Oh yeah. JR gave me much more than her time, and freaky skill - this lovely lady gave me a memory I'll never forget - only to add to when next I'm in town.
Love, Dave 2015-11-18
Review - I had a great time with JR. She will treat you like a king. I will be back real soon.
George 2015-10-15
Review - JR has a heart of gold. Young and exciting, and has a lot of wisdom. First time to the ranch I wanted to see what it was all about. JR gave me a great tour...told me what to expect, and her company was absolutely charming. Think I was pussy Likely I said I was there to see what it was all about. DID NOT COST A DIME....oh I didn't stiff her either; I gave her a tip that I thought was worth the tour. I also got to talk to a few other girls, and I am looking forward to stopping in from now on even if it's just for a bite to eat. Oh yes, I had a Philly steak sandwich while I was there....The whole place is clean. I know you will enjoy!
David 2015-09-14
Review - Incredible. The whole experience was a dream come true. J.R. is smart, sweet and hot as hell. She was extremely patient with me and made it an unbelievable experience. Thank you, and I hope you had some fun too. Hopefully I'll be passing through again someday...would do it again in a heartbeat.
Tie Dye 2015-09-13
Review - JR is an awesome woman in so many ways. She made me feel comfortable from the very beginning to the end. Great "girlfriend" experience. Definitely someone that you want in your memories. She did everything she said she would. You can tell she take pride in what she does, and she should.
Montana Man 2015-08-26
Review - I've been a fan of JR's for years, and when I found out she was here at the Ranch, I decided I had to meet her. It took me a while to gear up the courage to make the trip, and I was nervous, but that melted away within moments. JR was amazing! She was kind, flirtatious, fun loving, and an absolute Bombshell in the bedroom. She treated me like a king! The total girlfriend experience. I would see JR every night if I could. She is warm and cuddly and then completely off the hook when we things heated up. If you are heading out to the Ranch... don't miss the chance to see JR. You will remember it for the rest of your life. Guaranteed! Thank you JR, I'm coming back for more in a few weeks!
The D 2015-06-06
Review - When you walk through the door of The Mustang Ranch head directly to JR. She is hot, and she will treat you right. If it's your first time, like it was mine, she is a must.
Cuddles 2015-04-17
Review - Very worth the time, my wife and I want to take her home with us.
Annonymous 2015-03-26
Review - Best Valentine's Day I ever had. She is absolutely gorgeous and a very caring person. Thank you, JR.
Anonymous 2015-02-14
Review - Had a splendid time with J.R. She knew what I needed before I did. Could not have asked for more. I regret living on the other side of the country. Thanks, J.R.
Harold 2015-01-01
Review - I give JR highest possible rating. She is stunningly beautiful, as slim and stacked as ever. I don't know how she stays in such great shape, but the results are fantastic. She is such a sweetie and loves to please, and it's obvious. She worked within my budget, and I had a wonderful time. Thanks, JR!!
B.B. 2014-10-17
Review - Jr is one of the greatest nicest ladies I have ever met. She goes over an beyond to make me happy. I'm so happy to be her boy toy.
Mr sexy 2014-10-02
Review - A wonderful time. I met her for the first time yesterday, and she treated me like a friend and as if we had known each other for a while. We had a good time both indoors and out by the pool. I'll be back soon.
James 2014-08-30
Review - Had an awesome skinny dipping with her in the pool had such a hardcore event with both ladies, it made my fantasy come true.
Henry 2014-08-30
Review - JR....she was amazing, and it was a real pleasure that I had the chance to have fun with her. It was fabulous thanks for the hospitality. I will be back for sure.
Dee S. 2014-08-30
Review - I love the way she made me cum!!!! I'm coming back for you JR! She's Worth every dollar I spent! I'm bringing more cash next time!!! Thank you!
Mike 2014-08-25
Review - OMG...she is awesome, not only has she mastered the art of customer service and I don't mean placating. She is a people person who understands the business and is a real professional. She looks fantastic, feels fantastic. (I have NEVER been able to cum while wearing a condom until this day with JR). Amazing woman.
Robert 2014-08-24
Review - JR is an amazing woman with an awesome personality! She was absolutely captivating from the moment we met and knows how to treat a man like a king! Thank you for an amazing evening!!
Tony 2014-08-23
Review - She is so much fun. We both loved double teaming her! I will recommend her for a double any time. She's really great with deep penetration. What can I say anal sex is a must with Jr. were coming back to play deeper next time.
Brent and Logan 2014-08-05
Review - We took her to her play house, and she made both me and my best friend feel so special. You see these things in movies. What can I say double teaming her felt so amazing. Thanks, JR we are coming back for more fun.
Donnie and Bobbie 2014-08-04
Review - Great gal. JR Carrington is very expensive, but worth every dollar. She will take you to kingdom cummmmmmm. It happened to me and sure hope it happens to you.
Vincent Hanna 2014-08-03
Review - Awesome chick, wow what a threesome to remember, worth every dollar I spent. I will never forget you JR, you were my ultimate porn star in the 90s, and I will be coming back for the title next time. You're a fun girl that gets to the point of pleasure using all of your body plus your booty.
Ricky 2014-07-18
Boom boom boom lets go back to my room so we can do it all night and you can make me feel right, thats what happened. JR makes you feel so right, and as soon as she's done with you, you will feel like a million dollars and the biggest cum stud of the earth. I will go back for a double play. She is worth every dollar!
Bobby Boom 2014-07-14
Review - The best bang for the buck my number one winner. That mouth she has says it all. Wow, I thought I would last, but I was wrong, good work JR. I loved our very special exotic moment.
Ricardo 2014-07-13
Review - All I can say is WOW! The best I ever had. Very entertaining and well worth it. She is very sweet, catered to my needs and desires and went the extra mile. I am coming back to see her again for sure. I will never forget our experience together. Thank You, JR.
MIke 2014-07-12
Review - Awesome.
Review - From the moment we made eye contact, I could tell JR really loves her job. She has an awesome personality. This is a woman who knows what a man wants without him having to tell her. She's a classy lady all the way. It was a great experience!
Jeff 2014-06-29


Review - Had a wonderful time with JR. Very professional and sweet girl. Amazing body (obviously) but also caring. I was ridiculously high strung walking in there but she actually calmed me down which says a lot. Would love to take the trip again.  

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