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Bust: 36DD
Waist: 28
Hips: come measure My Big Booty
Height: 5’8"
Shoe Size: US 9/Euro 39
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color/Look: Brown, Bedroom Eyes
Born/Raised: Eastern Europe
Yes I do have SEXY Accent & all the NAUGHTY Curves
GFE/Kisses/Cuddles: Mmm, Yesss...
PSE: Let's get Wild!!
Overnight/Outdate: I Love it, YES!!
Bi-Sexual: Two-Girls+, OMG...yesss!!
Full Body Massage: Let Me Show You My Perrrfect Touch...
Couples: Yes, Celebrated!!
Sex Education: Healthy for Everyone, Dr. Max. ;)
Virgins/Newbies: WELCOME!!!!
Kink/Fetish: Absolutely, Yes!!
"What are you craving when you are thinking of me?"
My Lucky #13
My Numerology #22
My Birthday #01/30
Love Being Spoiled: Yellow/White Roses, Chocolates, Gift Cards, Sexy Lingerie, Jewelry or You Can Surprise Me
I can write many things about myself; however, let's see what My Dear Clients have to say about Me...
"Thanks so much for the wonderful time. You were just amazing. You totally exceeded all my expectations. I wish that I got to spend more time with you. You have an amazing body and a wonderful personality. I will be back to see you. My only advice to all the gents out there: schedule an appointment with her and you will not be disappointed. Thanks again!" --B.T.
"It was my first time at a place like this. Frankly, I was a bit scared but she was very friendly and took good care of me. She is very experienced and good at what she does. She also gave me loads of tips regarding how I can up my game. I'd definitely visit her again." --S.I.
"12/10 such an amamazing experience, beyond happy!" --B.P.
"She was an experience I will not forget anytime soon. She is a sweet, sexy, caring, beautiful intelligent woman. I chose the GFE and was well worth it. She is very open and upfront about what you like and don’t like. We had an amazing sexual encounter (and connection). She has a way of making you feel like she really is girlfriend at that moment. The ending is something I will remember and fantasize about for a long time. Beautiful breasts, booty, eyes and mouth. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with this Russian beauty!!!!" --M.T.
"I can for sure say it was worth it... She was such a great host and fun to be around. Just talking to her for 5 mins put my mind at ease. I walk in a virgin so she took me step by step of what to do. I was nervous at first but when it got started I was loving it! Best day ever! Highly recommend you come see her and love the hospitality and kindness she show me!!!" --S.A.
"My wife and I picked her after speaking to a few of the ladies. Although we have dabbled in the swing lifestyle, this was our first brothel experience. Once we agreed on price and services, she was more than we could expect. We had a set length of time for our encounter as expected, but never once felt like she was “clock watching.” Her focus was always on me. My wife and I became very comfortable with her and we truly enjoyed our experience. She went above and beyond! Because of her we will be back!" --A&M
"I had the most amazing time with mind was blown and my body was in ecstasy. I highly recommend her. Not to mention her lovely Eastern European accent it was an unforgettable experience." --007
"Excellent, had awesome time. Well worth the money." --T.B.
"She is not just the bombshell you see in her photos; with a perfect hourglass figure and more curves than you will know what to do with. She is not just a dazzling conversationalist with bedroom eyes and abeautiful smile that will immediately put you at ease and make you feel as if you are spending intimate time with a long-lost partner. She is not just a sex kitten who will use that perfect body, sweet mouth and MAGICAL hands to bring you to ecstasy. She is all of these things; but above all she is an experience you will not forget anytime soon, I can not wait for Round 2. An hour with her is not enough. A woman who offers more than just sex; who is sweet, and kind and insightful. Thanks for an unforgettable experience! Stay wild." --W.C.
"I couldn't stay away. I had to return for my second GFE with this sexy woman. I feel I am the lucky one, who has had a chance to pleasure this caring, fun, and incredibly hot woman. And to be pleasure by her is something I will never forget, as it left a smile on my face as I write this review. If you want a woman with eyes that you can get lost in, she is for you. She made me feel as if we were the last two people on earth. She is the things that dreams are made of. I will be back for more parties with her. See you in my dreams!" --F.
"Thank you, for an undeniably incredible time. I have always wanted to be with a Russian girl, and you fulfilled my dream. Your accent has me totally hooked. I believe that Russian and Eastern European women see sex differently... You are much more romantic and mysterious. Again thank you for the time of my life. I will be back soon because Max-A-Million one in a million! To the Guys: All I can say is MINDBLOWN!" --C.

"She is magic! No matter what curve balls that life can throw, I can walk through the door, and you can make me smile, laugh and put me in my place. You have an amazing mind, body, and soul, and I feel lucky for every minute I have spent with you. I really like it when we made a faces like pirates when I was on top of you, and you had control of my mast, arrgghh! Now that vision would make a good Christmas Card! Close your eyes baby, and feel me walk up behind you, and hold you like only I can... You are my amazing talented snuggle bunny! Thanks for more wonderful memories that keep me smiling." --F.

"Hey. So there's this girl. She is beautiful, sweet, funny, amazing, unique, and she is reading this right now. ;) I love that feeling I get when I see your smile. I think I have finally found someone who makes me happy I can be. :) Your Amazing baby girl!" --xoxo B.

"She is the most genuine most beautiful soul I know. I love her so much." --C.l.

"I miss you." --T.H.

"OMG!! I just about lost my load when I heard that incredibly wonderful sexy Russian accent. She is a very beautiful young lady! She just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Just look into those eyes, and you will see that she had a heavenly bound soul. She is very attentive lover and will wait on you hand and foot...I didn't want for anything. Drinks (both alcohol and water), snacks, food...she is incredible hostess and entertainer. I will definitely be coming back to see my Russian Doll again!!!" --M.K.

"I fell in love with you the moment our eyes met. No words can describe how wonderful you are. I start missing you the moment I step out of the ranch. The pleasure I am having time with you and service you are providing is unbelievable and out of this world. Simply magnificent. I enjoyed every second with you. I want to steal you to be my own. Thanks to the nature for such a wonderful creature as you are. You are smart, funny, sexy, super friendly and did I mention Gorgeous??!! I strongly believe that everybody must cherish and be grateful for any moment spent with you. You are the perfect example of "From Russia with love!" if only more of them were like you! Thank you my Russian Doll. Can't wait to see you again." --R.B.
You probably enjoyed reading my clients rendezvous & would like to meet me, & experience for yourself, then please call 775-343-1224 to set the appointment or walk-in & request me at the door (please make sure to check Mustang Ranch LineUp for availability).
I provide an experience you have only ever dreamed of, taking you away from the busy world we live in. Let's get lost in each other's arms, tonight. 








Review - Ladies and Gents! If you want to relax in absolute bliss, look no further than the Russian goddess Max, and her equally fantastic counterpart, Saige. This two-lady combo will take your breath away. I have had a solo experience with the amazing Saige in the past and trusted her judgment to include Max this time, and it did not disappoint! The boobs, the asses, and Max’s irresistible Russian accent make for an experience you will never forget. 2022-08-06


Review - First time here and had a great time with the most lovely Russian!! When she gave me the tour, I was in love, haha, gorgeous from face to heels!! So beautiful and sweet. I'll be coming back kitty missing his baby. 2022-01-19