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Review - This lady is classy, articulate, intelligent, and the most incredible therapist I've ever experienced. Seriously, I arrived at the Ranch stressed and left feeling like a million bucks. She seems to know your exact needs and takes care of you efficaciously. Thanks again, Scarlett - MJ 2021-09-12

Review - Scarlet is top-notch. She is very caring and ensures you have an incredible time. Please make a point to see her. 2021-09-11

Review - I recently had the pleasure of meeting Scarlett; it was unforgettable! Not only is she naturally beautiful, but she also has an utterly unaffected, sincere sweetness (oh, those big, expressive eyes). However, beneath that girlish demeanor, she can ride like a Triple Crown champion! We seemed to click almost immediately. A tour, a drink, a brief negotiation, and we could barely keep our hands off each other. Our time together was not at all rushed. In fact, in the end, we both seemed to be stalling for just a little longer while admitting the obvious. After taking my leave, I needed a few minutes before driving back to my hotel and another day or so before writing this review. 5 Stars? Try 5,000! It's too early to tell if our paths will cross again, but if not, I am more than happy to have Scarlett seared into my memory.
Mark 2021-09-10
Review - Scarlet was genuinely one of the sweetest and most fun girls I’ve ever been with. Thank you for such an awesome night. I had so much fun! You’re the #1 Mustang in the Ranch in my eyes - Erik 2021-08-07