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Review - So I had my second go-around with Vanessa, and I must say, she is AMAZING at everything she does in the bed. Gorgeous body from head to toe. I will see her again for a third, for sure someday.
Steve 2021-09-03

Review - Vanessa, thank you. You are a wonderful woman, and when you laugh, you shake worlds your client from Horton today.
Review - So I originally book a different girl for this visit on August 8th, but it fell through, and I’m sure glad it did! I believe things happen for a reason.  That’s how I meet Vanessa. I had the most wonderful time with Vanessa. She is kind and very gorgeous from head to toe. She was exactly what I’ve been looking for in a woman. I will definitely see her again.   
Steve    2019-08-19
Review - That body! Oh my god. What a body this hot latina has! I can't wait to ravish it again next time I'm in town. Thank you Vanessa. You rocked my world!
Scott 2019-22-06