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ELISE returning to the mustang RANCH

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Review - Elise is full of energy and fun to get to know her.  I enjoyed my erotic ride with this wild thing!
F 2019-05-14
Review -  Elise was super personable and funny. I enjoyed my time with her, and her body is just as beautiful as her face. If you are into Asian women, you will fall in lust for sure.
D 2019-04-20
Review -  I walked into mustang ranch and sat down then was immediately approached by Elise so beautiful and friendly, with the most beautiful eyes. She showed me all around the brothel and just knew I had to have her... wonderful experience and I will be coming back to see her.
T 2019-03-12
Review -  I walked into the bar at The Mustang Ranch, and I was immediately in love with this beautiful creature sitting at the bar. Her eyes mesmerized me and drank me in, and I knew I had to have her. Elise is spectacular, a gentle fawn and lovely lover. I think I'm in love with her as I've been back to see her six times already. I can't get enough. I may have to marry this incredible woman.
Terry 2019-01-31



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